NEW YORK | 249 East 62nd St | 330 FT | 30 FLOORS

510 FT
Architect - Rafael Vinoly



Wait a moment…wasn’t this site supposed to be an 8 or 10 story building?

That smaller 10 story building is the very corner of 253 e 62nd and 2nd ave.

This new proposal is for the rest of the L shaped lot that wraps around the smaller 10 story building on the corner.

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here’s a rendering for YIMBY’s monday edition. :wink: looks pretty neat.


now begins the delays intended to keep this from rising long enough for the void area legislation to b amended and take effect…

The city has requested the developers behind the 32-story tower at 249 East 62nd Street, designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, acquire written approval from the fire department “concerning the proposed conditions at the intermediate level outdoor space, including but not limited to FDNY emergency access and safety operations,” states a letter by Thomas Fariello, the acting DOB commissioner, to local elected officials and preservationists.

Fariello’s memo follows those groups expressing concerns over a “mechanical void,” a multi-story, exposed stretch of the building that would, in theory, house mechanical equipment. Critics argue that those are often used to boost a building’s height without drawing from its overall footprint. In doing so, developers could charge higher rates for the building’s upper units, critics say.

building officials have not outright declared the gap in the 62nd Street building—developed by Real Estate Inverlad and Third Palm Capital—a mechanical void because it is exposed to the open air or is “outdoor space,” as Fariello put it, and may wind up exempt from the zoning amendment. Preservationists find this troubling when this particular “building on stilts” galvanized the city and elected officials to crack down on excessive mechanical voids.

A cadre of elected officials—including Powers, Council member Ben Kallos (who reps a neighboring district), Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, and State Senator Liz Krueger—wrote to the DOB in February criticizing the non-mechanical void determination and demanded FDNY specialists be directed to evaluate the design for safety hazards.

“Until they have been demonstrated to be safe, novel designs such as vast void areas must be evaluated by the FDNY,” the letter reads. “Due to the nature of such different design elements and any review processes surrounding aspects of this size, we feel it is critical to involve the FDNY prior to the approval of such building plans.”


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Great news that one fewer Vinoly will be built. The article says that “INC Developers” were hired instead. Did they mean INC Architecture and Design?


the massing looks like art deco

It’s INC and Zeckendorf. It’ll be something modern and classic. Dodged a Vinoly turd.


I thought it was a cool concept. Like one of the Jetsons homes.


Not fantastic.


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