NEW YORK | 2461 Broadway | FT | 19 FLOORS

I’ve always hated these two eyesores on B’Way and 91st. I’m glad to see these heaps come down.


This junk is still here as of Aug 17th

I’ve lived in the Greystone Hotel, catty-corner to this property, for 25 years, and have an inside scoop on some of the less savory details (I know one of the many brokers who was involved in, ahem, enticing current residents to abandon their homes (a couple of whom have lived there for decades) to make way for this “Luxury Living” oppurtunity (and thank GOODNESS, since the DEARTH of new luxury living dwellings at $6K+ a month is CRIPPLiNG the neighborhood.)
The current building is landmarked; demolition negotiations were granted once the buyers (begrudgingly) agreed to save the recently COMPLETELY overhauled facade of the exterior. This took years of painstaking repointing work done by master craftsmen/women, so at least that will be saved. But let’s get real: the renderings are lamely mediocre at best, and there is ZERO charm nor effort apparent in the proposed integration the nearly century old masonry with the on-the-cheap, bland beige box, cheap windowed, slap-it-up and shake’em -down boring (BORING!!!) box of 12-14 stories going up. Maybe we’ll get lucky and master dash of artistic endeavor will save the day. But I’m not holding my breath. AND, personally, I’ll lose another precious 2’by2’ view of blue sky. But hey, Manhattan, Madhattan, Mannahatta, is what it is; I just find it so dang frustrating that new owners won’t invest even 1/10TH more and make something special. But they don’t have to look at it. As for the NEW Upper West Siders who can afford these abodes, well, obnoxious comes to mind, but that would be rude. I try to remain upbeat and optimistically look forward to the folks who seem to genuinely grateful to live here. In the Greystone, however, they are the slim minority. Yes, that is a critque of people. But that is the reality. Edit if you must.
PS: Oh! And FAREWELL, MY BELOVED PAIN QOUTIDIAN. THAT building is going down to the ground, along with the cafe and the jobs held by the wonderful people who work there who have become more than servers, but good friends.

Thanks for the update, Gary.

Is the building on corner with the BoA landmarks? It would be nice if its facade is preserved.

Has demolition stared on the other building$?

This is great news. I hope they leave the building on the south corner though. This, together with Extell’s new building on 96th St., will enhance this area.

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It seems that this is proceeding.

Foundation work.



I love the UWS. There are a few pieces of excrement, but most of the area is gorgeous.



251 West 91st Street circa July 2020 via CityRealty




starting to cantilever



This one is shaping up to be really unattractive–maybe even an insult to the Broadway building massing. A number of other cantilevers in the area are challenging but better designed.

Agreed, the cantilever is too prominent, looming over the building next to it, almost menacing. ( If a building could be menacing). No matter what the skin of this building will be like it is disconcerting at best. Does not do justice to all of the other buildings taking shape on Broadway at the moment.

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I was on the property back in October 2020. The first cantilever is absolutely massive. Back when they were still working on it.


Are there any renderings other than this? It looks like this will cantilever again.

P.S.: I just found them.

West Side Rag » Plans Change for Proposed Building at 91st and Broadway: More Floors and a Cantilevered Section

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It does cantilever again. It’s ungainly at best.

It is not remotely appropriate for the area. Hopefully, the facade will be nice at least. It appears to be stone.