NEW YORK | 201 E 79th St | Wow!

I walked by here recently and was unaware that a new, limestone-like facade was being added. This looks amazing!

I think that white brick buildings generally have beautiful shapes. The facades and the window frames are just worn and tired. I’d like to see more of this on white brick buildings.

The new facade is a colossal improvement over the old one.


Brick looks good as long as it isn’t painted. The old look to this building is worse than the average NYCHA building.

Redoing a facade is wildly expensive. It easily breaks down to somewhere around 100k per unit, depending on shares.

Yes, but the glazed brick facades have a limited lifespan and pose the danger of collapsing onto pedestrians. It’s a necessary expense.


Right. We had a lot of spalling about five years ago and my share of repointing/repair was 4k. Money well spent. We were replacing all windows in the building and the engineers alerted us to the damage. We’re just lucky that there wasn’t an accident. This is what I get with a 1960’s building that is designed to last 60 years. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: