NEW YORK | 20 West 53rd St (Baccarat) | 610 FT | 50 FLOORS

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Construction Update: The Baccarat Tower


The Baccarat Tower – photo by Andrew McKeon

Work is wrapping up at the Baccarat Tower, and while cladding has now reached the skyscraper’s pinnacle, the bigger story is the base, which has just been unveiled. The crystalline exterior lives up to the development’s namesake, and shimmers in both sunlight and shadows. Located at 20 West 53rd Street, the building’s architect is SOM, and the developer is Tribeca Associates.

The Baccarat Hotel & Residences has 60 units in total. The hotel component occupies the lower levels, and condominiums begin on the 18th floor. The tower stands 50 floors in total, and tops-out at 610 feet above street level.

The Baccarat Tower — photo by Andrew McKeon

Besides a host of amenities, the tower’s design is also top-notch; SOM’s vision was difficult to assess as the tower was ascending, but now that construction is nearly complete, the skyscraper looks magnificent. The crystal-wrapped base is a particularly nice touch, and enhances the building’s presence at the street level; the play between light and materials adds to the super-luxe aesthetic.

The Baccarat Tower — photo by Andrew McKeon

Inside, the grand salon is “immersed in the glittering light of Baccarat,” derived from 12,000 glass pieces. A rooftop pavilion and lounge will also add to the development’s appeal, and the official website says that it will have “the most sought after [seats] in New York.”

The Baccarat Tower — photo by Andrew McKeon

Completion of the development is imminent.

June 22 2014

Façade wrapping up:

July 22 2014

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Views from the Baccarat

10 25 2014


The top lights up like a chandelier!

The “chandelier base” is amazing!


March 31st

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