NEW YORK | 1651 First Avenue | FT | FLOORS


Behind 1651 first, along 86th Street is a large empty lot and you can see from here and first ave that a long stretch of tenements are boarded up. Maybe Extell is working to expand the size of this site. This could be pretty big if they take all the other abandoned tenements on first ave plus the 86th lot.


From the picture it seems that there may be a residential areas beneath it.

As a longtime resident of Yorkville, I think that the area is a dump. We lived there because my wife liked it. I can’t see spending millions on a new apartment situated next to filthy tenements and heinous 1970s eyesores.

Well, if the area is like dump nobody like to live there as it may be harmful. Let it be fully ready for the people.

What you talkin’ About, Willis?

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The best station on the Q (2nd ave subway) is a block away. That area is dumpy now but prime for new development.