NEW YORK | 160 Water Street (Redevelopment) | FT | 30 FLOORS


Could also be replaced completely.

Sure, it could’ve been, but cost for demolition and complete rebuild can exceed the cost to convert and vice versa. Things like this are deeply researched to come out with the most economic/ profitable solution.


I do not understand about the financing of a skyscraper.

Do the foundations need to be reinforced (+6 floors)?

It’s a complex process/topic (to your previous comment).

As for your more recent comment, I don’t believe they are all full additional floors the size of the existing floors, just partial, only some of them are full floors but they are being outfitted in the mechanical floors and parapet most likely. Sometimes only the structure needs to be reinforced to support additional weight, if they are adding more floors than the foundations are sufficient enough to support extra weight. It’s sister building, 180 Water street, was also converted to residential from office usage.


This street view imagery from June shows that almost half of the building’s windows have already been converted, so it’s probably changed more since then, it’s also possible the building will be painted white as visible on the testing mullion. The 6 floors come from 3 additional partial terraced floors on the roof, an additional floor where the mid level mech floor is, and 2 additional floors to fill up the parapet (all similar aspects that were done at 180 Water Street), but it’s not confirmed if a partial lightwell will also be built here.

Also a render of the top addition, and structural reinforcement on the interior, provided by CCM.


180 and 160 Water Street are the separate buildings? Is the thread then under construction and not proposed?

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Yes, they are two separate buildings built a year apart from each other but designed identically. Vanbarton Group owns both of them, 180 was purchased in 2013 and converted to residential in 2017 and this one was purchased in 2014 but the last tenant’s lease did not expire until last year. They were going to sell the building, but decided on converting it by themselves, a process which started earlier this year. Brookfield’s construction loan to Vanbarton has just allowed them to continue the redevelopment, but yes, the redevelopment started earlier this year.

I wouldn’t say that, there’s others who have contributed much more than I have.


Yes but you are the expert on the NY projects in Yimby , female users we have few.

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