NEW YORK | 1,200' BIG Mystery Tower on the Hudson | Pro

“To welcome his staff to their new home, Ingels calls for a midmorning champagne toast. Someone plays Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” and then Ingels gives a speech. He rattles off a list of exciting projects, many of them not yet public, including a second Manhattan skyscraper. “It’s not every day that you do a 1,200-foot tower in New York City,” he quips. “But it feels like every day.””

Also, earlier in the article, it refers to four BIG projects that will transform the Hudson River skyline. It specifically says: “In Manhattan alone, Ingels is simultaneously designing four major additions to the Hudson River skyline and a $335 million hybrid park…”

We know about:

  1. 200 Greenwich;
  2. The 57th St pyramid; and
  3. The HFZ project in Chelsea.

I’m unaware of a 4th. Since Bjarjke has become Larry’s buddy, maybe he’s designing the 40th St supertall!

Even better, maybe he’s designing Tishman’s HY tower!


BIG is designing a new tower for Tishman Speyer in Frankfurt. This leads me to conclude that his “not yet disclosed 1,200’ tower is Tishman’s HY project .” I hope that JPMC will anchor it!!

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That’s great news!


I agree, amigo!