New Sidewalk Shed Policy

Honestly, I’m more excited about this than any construction project in the city. It’s an absolute travesty that the city has allowed so many construction sheds to take over the sidewalks. Praying this gets implemented without delay or obstruction:

A quick summary:

  • Try to use netting instead of a shed where possible
  • Redesign the current sheds
  • Increase fines on building owners who refuse to do the required building work (up to $6k/mo); higher fines in the central business district
  • Create low-interest loan program for landlords to complete work
  • Explore whether or not inspections can be done less frequently

I agree with you that this is more important than any project. Heck, more important than all the projects put together even (imo).

But this has been proposed, periodically, many times before, only to fall into oblivion for some reason until the next proposal. So I’m not holding my breath this time.

Let’s hope this is the one, though!

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6k a month fine is cheaper than doing the repair work.

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