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I’m not sure what they’re doing with their site but we can easily break it by hotlinking images :rofl::rofl: I did see the renderings prior to your post though. Looks decent.

The agenda for next week’s planning board meeting is up… we’ve got some familiar projects coming up to bat, as well as one major modification.

Under Site Plan Approval & Public Hearing

  • 24 Maple Avenue | 8 FLOORS (DO-3)
  • 14 Lecount Place | 27 x 2 FLOORS (DO-2)
  • 115 Cedar Street | 24 FLOORS (LI-hotel)

Under Discussion Items

  • 316 Huguenot Street | 14 FLOORS (DO-2)
  • 8 Westchester Place | 7 FLOORS (DO-2)
  • 339 Huguenot Street | 28 FLOORS (DO-2)

339 Huguenot is the one to watch. If anyone remembers, this property was already included in a dual 14-story tower project which would sit on two city owned parking lots. It seems like that is no longer the case. In the agenda, it states this new project sits on Block 437, lots 1 & 3… which would give it the footprint below.

However, that lot seems pretty tiny for a 28 story tower… in the last iteration of the 327 / 339 Huguenot project, we saw two 14-story towers along with 33 Centre Avenue being developed as a parking garage. Perhaps this new tower includes a parking setup similar to 587 Main / 360 Huguenot. That would eliminate the need for an external garage. I would bet that the footprint for the whole project would also include 33 Centre for those reasons. But, that’s pure speculation. If this goes through, we will have two 28 story towers within the same area.

We’ll just have to see!


They are working on the 2nd floor of the the Rockwell on North Avenue, even working on Memorial Day Saturday. Check out our drone shot from today.

More photos of the project can be found here:


Families have begun to move in at Watermark Pointe. It is a gorgeous location –


From the official press release;

So far, 23 projects – totaling 6 million square feet and 4,000+ housing units – have been approved, and 11 are already under construction. With the residential component of the downtown revitalization effort well underway, the City is now looking to attract commercial space and other nonresidential development. As part of the next phase of development, they aim to attract the construction of approximately 1.8M sf of new office space in the downtown area.

I smell a very large tower cooking up :thinking:


NEW ROCHELLE | 11 Lawton Street | EST. 605 FT + ? | 48 FLOORS + 23 FLOORS

No more speculation! We’ve got our first details on the largest development project to occur in Downtown New Rochelle, and it’s got an interesting twist to it. An application was sent to the city and the information has appeared via the eProperty Portal.

11 Lawton Street will be the location of the new 48-story, 605 FT. tower, with a separate 23-story hotel.

Proposed new mixed-use building consisting of two levels below grade, 48 stories above grade plus mechanical equipment bulkhead will contain 596 dwelling units (453 rental + 143 for sale). Included in the below grade levels as well as the above grade podium levels will be 621 parking spaces in an automated garage. Retail will be provided at the 1st Floor. Residential units start on the 5th Floor. Residential amenities will be provided on the 31st Floor for the exclusive use of the residents.

Located on the same lot and part of the same mixed use structure is a separate 23 story hotel tower containing 228 rooms. The hotel rooms start on the 5th Floor. The podium of the hotel will preserve and incorporate the majority of an existing structure, the former National City Bank of New Rochelle, which will be converted into a hotel lobby and restaurant. The 23 story hotel tower will have one below grade level.

Since it has appeared so early within the month, it’s obvious that this will make an appearance at the Planning Board meeting later this month.


thanks for the report! This sounds absolutely MASSIVE. 600 units? That’s likely going to come along with a good chunk of affordable space too. What is it, at least 10%? But to get to the max height there will probably be more.


Amazing news


Yes, at least 10%, but I believe there is an option to pay into a fund instead of offering affordable housing. I’m not sure what the plan is, we’ll just have to wait to hear more. Very excited to see how this bad boy looks! This will be Westchester’s tallest building once completed. New Rochelle already has the tallest residential tower, a.k.a the second Avalon tower.

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stumbled upon this


new renderings for 316 and 339 Huguenot, as well as 8 Westchester Place have been posted at

I expect fuller renderings have been already presented will make there way to the press soon enough. 115 Cedar has also been listed.


240 North Avenue for sale, great opportunity to build. Hefty price


Great coverage by Karen! Haven’t had the time to post anything regarding these projects myself sadly. The 316 Huguenot renderings look very nice, it’ll add some variety to the street.

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the sale seems to be catching ears.


Hopefully someone buys all of the properties over there and builds one huge project. It looks terrible as it currently stands. Potential for a significant corner on North and Huguenot.

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Looks like everything planned by the Stagg Group was scrapped for 26 Garden Street. New family court will be built there.

Official Westchester County Board of Legislators Press Release

EDIT: I take that back. The property portal suggests a much larger project, we’re only seeing the court in the rendering.

MJ Garden LLC requests consolidation of three lots as one project site (3-802,0032, 3-802-0036, 3-802-0038), application of the Development Overlay Zone to the project site, and site plan approval to build a mixed-use residential and office development with accessory parking. The proposed project would be an approximately 37,000 sf courthouse, a 24-story multi-family residential structure with 391 dwelling units, and approximately 489 structured parking spaces. The project would be constructed in two phases, with the first phase consisting of the courthouse 178 dwelling units and the second phase adding an additional 213 dwelling units.


11 Lawton (48-stories) will be at tonight’s planning board. Hoping for a beautiful tower and not a big glass box.

64 Centre Avenue | 14 FLOORS

Updated design for the previously approved 14-story tower. This is part of a larger “neighborhood” development project which includes 316 Huguenot Street as well as 8 Westchester Place. Glad it was changed, much cleaner and looking less bulky now. Renderings found in the July 31st IDA Meeting Agenda packet.

Not sure what happened with some of the images, but ignore the random white areas w/ no windows.


Allstate Ventures LLC wants to build three of them: two 14-story towers on Centre Avenue and Huguenot Street and a 7-story building at Westchester Place. The projects would cost about $163 million.

Allstate Ventures is asking the IDA for $13.9 million in sales tax exemptions, $1.3 million in mortgage recording tax exemptions and $23.6 million in property tax abatement, for a total tax benefit of $38.8 million.

Huguenot Partners LLC presented plans to the IDA for North Tower, a $100 million to $135 million, 28-story structure with 249 apartments and 3,000 square feet of commercial space, at 327 Huguenot St.

The developer is asking for a $3.6 million sales tax exemption on building materials, fixtures and equipment and a mortgage tax exemption of $2.1 million. It also wants property tax abatement for 20 years, but did not submit a schedule of payments. The South Tower property tax abatement, approved in June, is for $9.8 million.

Huguenot Partners hopes to start construction on the North Tower in two years.

Wilder Balter Partners and L&M Development Partners presented plans for a $70.6 million, 7-story, 184-unit apartment building at 25 Maple Ave.

The developers are asking for $2.3 million in sales tax exemptions, a $500,200 mortgage tax exemption, and property tax abatement of $12.9 million over 20 years, for a total tax benefit of $15.7 million.

Construction could begin this fall and be completed in two years.

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There are five buildings approved/proposed for the area near Huguenot and Centre. We made a 2 minute video to explain –