NEW ROCHELLE | 14 LeCount Place | 318 FT + ? FT | 27 +17 FLOORS

Unrelated to RXR, but here’s a new project brought to you by Beyer, Blinder & Belle. Fresh from the planning board meeting, they are proposing two-27 story towers with a 4 story podium consisting of retail, commercial space, and parking spaces… the towers are actually 23 stories alone. The project includes frontage on North Ave, Main St, and Lecount Pl. In total there’s about 14,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

Additional details to come soon, here’s just shots of what they presented for now.

Current view of 14 Lecount Pl. (on the right)


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Its good to see this small boom in New Rochelle. Some solid developments. Residential I presume. Any word on the unit counts?


Cheers. I just enjoy sharing the info I come across about the work going on around here. I’m loving all of the activity. It would definitely make for a good story, but I think having an official rendering would really make it a great story :slight_smile:

Correct, mostly residential. 500 apartments in total. No idea about the way it’s all divided, but I’m assuming there’s a good mix of studios, one, and two bedrooms. Maybe some three bedrooms thrown in as well.


At 14 Lecount – with a development site that extends to Main Street and North Avenue, Wilder-Balter proposes two more towers, each 27 stories, with a total of about 500 apartments, a project that will include the redesign and activation of Anderson Plaza. This goes to the Planning Board this month, with a ground-breaking planned by the end of 2018.



Updating threads with high quality renderings.


Phase one, a $166 million, 27-story building that is within walking distance from the city’s train station, received Planning Board approval in April. The tower will house 379 units, approximately 84 are studio apartments, 207 are one-bedrooms and 87 are two-bedrooms.

Seventy-six units will be rented at a reduced rate.

The developers said demolition of the funeral home and three reatail buildings on the site will take place this summer, with construction expected to begin in early fall. The project will take an estimated 28 months to complete.


They actually already filed for demolition permits on most of the properties they purchased :wink:


The IDA also granted incentives for a $166.1 million structure at 14 Le Count Place, including a 30-year pilot agreement costing $20.4 million. The pilot saves the developer $32.6 million in property taxes, a 62 percent break. It also received a sales tax exemption estimated at $5.1 million and mortgage recording tax exemption of $1.1 million.

The project is expected to create 758 construction jobs and then one part-time and 10 full-time jobs.


the county will acquire the land at 14 LeCount Place where developer Wilder Balter Partners is planning a 27-story, 379-unit development, 76 units of which will be affordable housing for people making around half the area median income.

Among the affordable units will be 17 studios, 42 one-bedrooms and 17 two-bedrooms, with rents ranging from $1,000 to $1,540 a month.

The county will pay $4.18 million for the land and put another $1.5 million into the expansion of sewer capacity the area.

there has been some small adjustments to the design


L+M Partners has updated their website with a page for this project, including a rendering of the first tower.

L+M Development Partners, together with Wilder Balter Partners, Inc., is developing a mixed-use and mixed-income residential rental building in downtown New Rochelle. The development will rise to 27 stories and contain 380 residences, in addition to structured parking and retail.

Centrally located in downtown New Rochelle, just off Main Street, the project will be a five-minute walk from the Metro North and Amtrak rail stop. It will also take advantage of easy access to the I-95 and the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Construction is slated to begin in late 2018.


demolition equipment at the ready


aaaaand they’re off…


From today… 211 & 209 North Avenue are now demolished. 207 North will be razed next, not sure if it’s happening tomorrow

Project footprint


aerial view


At last night’s planning board meeting, discussions began regarding an amended site plan, which directly affects Phase 2 of the project. It now includes additional parcels on the corner of North Avenue and Main Street. This now allows for a larger footprint and podium, as well as more retail and parking. Along with this, the amended site plan can include 40 more units. They will return to the next meeting for approval.

The amended site footprint would look like this.

LeCount Place Elevation, looking west

North Avenue Elevation, looking east

North & Main, looking NE towards the development


We did a drone shot of the 14 LeCount site today. Very interesting looking through to Main Street. I am interested that the developers bought the corner buildings and just watched the planning meeting on their new proposal.


How do you do the lot map with the purple parcels? I am trying to figure out if 64 Centre is the same as 8 Westchester Place. I don’t think so, but want to be sure. Thank you!


I use this map portal that can be found on the city’s site. I forgot where exactly, but here’s a direct link to it. Once it loads you can zoom in on all of the parcels and view more information as you click on them. The purple you see in my screenshots is just some light Photoshop work to help everyone visualize the project. I cover all of the project’s included parcels in the purple.

It seems 8 Westchester is separate from 64 Centre, but they’re very close regardless. It shows up as 18 Westchester on the site.

If you’d like, I can help you create some of these graphics for the site. I’m sure everyone would appreciate having a top-down view.


Hi, Thanks so much! That would be amazing. I clicked through the link and see how it works. If you are willing to share the colored maps, I will post them and give you credit. Wondering what your background is. Are you in the field? Thanks again, Karen (my email is