NEW ROCHELLE | 55 Clinton Place | 307 FT | 2 x 28 FLOORS

Apart of RXR and The City of New Rochelle’s downtown redevelopment scheme. The size of this particular project warrants its own thread.

from google maps, I assume they mean this one. Correct me if i’m wrong:

a rendering of the retail base:


Yep, that’s the correct site.

I’m glad that something will be done with this place. The garage is by far the most atrocious you could ever find in the area. If you walk under it you can see that it needs serious TLC. A local dealership parks some of their inventory on top of the lot, as you can see in that Google Maps shot. I don’t even know how it hasn’t collapsed yet as it’s really in bad shape.

This project will contribute to the already growing and proposed skyline and will be a very welcome change. I’m very excited, I just wish the timeline would be much sooner rather than later, although I understand why it will take time.


More renderings can be found here… although they’re really small.


A deteriorating, two-story parking structure in the city’s downtown will be closed until further notice.

Pieces of the Church-Division street garage fell from the first floor ceiling Wednesday afternoon.

No one was injured, New Rochelle officials said, but the 388-space garage will remain closed as a precaution.

Permit holders will be notified directly, officials said.

This is a major concern. The top level is still filled with dealership inventory which is adding more stress to an already deteriorated garage. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pushes the proposed project along… and honestly, I really hope that’s the case


Went by the property today and I saw a crew with an excavator being operated. Our Development Commissioner confirmed it was for soil testing. I’ll try to grab a pic tomorrow but it’s hard due to how the walls are set up. With a site plan to be presented within the first quarter of the year, it would make sense for them to get the ball rolling a bit early. I can see how an “early” demolition would help to speed things up a bit.

As a bonus, here’s a larger variant of the sketches above. I’ve been hanging onto it for a while but never got around to posting it here;

(3840 x 2160)


it seems a redevelopment of this lot has been in the works for some time. The recession must have frozen plans.

This, apparently, was going to be the design in 2005.


Yeah, there’s been so many proposals for this site that it’s just hard to remember them all. Another one from Simone Development, if I’m remembering correctly, proposed a 39 story tower and a new parking facility over the Prospect St. lot.

We’ve definitely come a long way with the current RXR proposal. I’m a huge fan of it, although I would prefer more retail space. Either way, I’m just excited to finally see progress here


New Rochelle Mayor, RXR Realty Reveal $200M Project Will Move Forward


Another major mixed-use high-rise residential project is moving forward here. New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson announced at a business conference on Wednesday that RXR Realty will soon be presenting plans to the city for the long-anticipated development at Church and Division streets.

Mayor Bramson and officials with RXR Realty, the master developer for the for the City of New Rochelle’s downtown redevelopment program with partner Renaissance Downtowns, stated the developer will move forward with a plan to build twin, 28-story towers at the Church-Division parking lot site in Downtown New Rochelle.

RXR Realty proposed the ambitious mixed-use project back in August 2017. Mayor Bramson, speaking at a conference at TF Andrew at 607 Main St. sponsored by BisNow, said that he was planning to discuss RXR Realty’s ‘new iteration” of its Church-Division project, south of Main Street, in his “State of the City” address on March 1.

Mayor Bramson later stated that the developer would be presenting plans to the city in short order. Seth Pinsky, executive vice president, metro markets, public affairs director and portfolio manager with RXR Realty, told Real Estate In-Depth that the firm hopes to bring its plans before the city’s Planning Board in the next moth or two and begin construction on the project by the end of this year.

Details about the latest RXR project were not available, however, the mayor and RXR Realty were expected to provide details in the coming days.

The plan as outlined by RXR last year called for 650 to 700 residential apartments and between 35,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet of retail space. Pinsky told Real Estate In-Depth at the BisNow event that the project is valued at approximately $200 million.

So excited!


I’d suggest that the title just reference “Church-Division” as that’s what they seem to be calling it right now. Here’s the new iteration, including a completely new design. Demolition of the garage begins in two weeks. Pics to come.

At the site of the Church-Division garage, our master developers at RXR will build their second project: two towers, each 28 stories, a total of about 700 apartments, with ground floor retail and restaurants, and a public plaza in between. This project was announced a few months ago, but now we’re able to reveal the new, updated design, as elegant as it is exciting. And in just two weeks – two weeks! – we will break ground.



Updating threads with high quality renderings.




Gonna be so weird to not see this damn thing standing anymore… it may have been ugly but it was like an iconic piece of the neighborhood lol


Following the 587 Main Street project, the Church-Division redevelopment is the second
project for RXR, the City’s Master Developer. It is located in the newly-created
Downtown Overlay Zoning District, which allows for approximately 6,370 new units of
residential housing and approximately 3 million square-feet of new commercial space.

The two towers of the Church-Division project – at an estimated project cost of $329
million – will offer 730 rental apartment units. The project’s total of approximately
904,000 square feet includes some 25,000 square feet of street level retail at the
buildings’ base as well as parking for 698 vehicles. The twin structures will replace the
aging, municipally-owned 388-space Church-Division parking garage.

The project has completed schematic design and is currently seeking the necessary
planning approvals from the City of New Rochelle. RXR will begin demolition and site
work in March 2018 and anticipates securing all remaining necessary approvals for the
project in July. Vertical construction is anticipated for December 2018, with delivery of
the first tower in Q4 2020.



Demo of the parking garage


Photos taken March 23rd. They’ve taken down more since then but I forgot to post these lol. Haven’t started on the other side yet, though.



RXR Realty, based in Uniondale, has budgeted $335 million for two 28-story towers at 26 Division St., with 730 apartments, 25,221 square feet of retail space and a pedestrian plaza separating the buildings.

Seventy-three subsidized apartments would be provided off-site. The project is expected to create 750 construction jobs and 107 full-time jobs.

The work would be phased — beginning with one tower and the plaza, followed by the second structure — over four years.

RXR is proposing $42.7 million in subsidies, including $29.7 million in property taxes, $10.5 million in sales taxes and $2.5 million on the mortgage recording tax.


9/7. Beams for soldier piles? No apparent excavation though.