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Apt. complex on track in Mineola

Thursday, August 28, 2014 1:46 pm


Construction of the nine-story 315-unit apartment complex by Lalezarian Developers at 250 Country Road in Mineola is proceeding on schedule, according to Kevin Lalezarian, a principal in the company.

“We’re well into construction and continuing,” Lalezarian said on Monday. “Right now we’re expecting construction to be complete a year from now.”

He said the completion date is consistent with the time frame the company originally projected for the building. He said it’s too early to estimate the construction cost of the apartment complex.

“The foundation is nearly complete and the superstructure in some parts is up to the third floor. Right now, a lot of superstructure construction is happening,” Lalezarian said.

Lalezarian said the building materials being used for the apartment complex will make the structure “ non-combustible.”

“The structure of the building is made entirely of steel and concrete,” Lalezarian said.

Village officials said plumbing and underground construction for the building’s drainage system has been completed.


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