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Construction Technically Begins At SkyRise Miami

Construction has technically begun at SkyRise Miami and, more importantly, the Federal Aviation Administration has been thus notified of the beginning of construction, thereby preserving SkyRise’s FAA approvals before they expired. Soon construction will stop again, now that this loophole has been successfully taken advantage of, while negotiations over SkyRise’s very existence continue.

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SkyRise Miami:

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This coming Tuesday, or the 26th of August, will be the voting day for Miami residents on the tower. The referendum will allow this to be fully built. Currently, it is U/C, but it is awaiting the vote to commence at full speed.

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Some fantastic news :smiley:

Miami’s 1st supertall is good to go!


Voters Approve SkyRise Tower In Landslide

Miami voters have overwhelmingly approved Jeff Berkowitz’s plan to build the 1,000 foot SkyRise Miami tower.

With 91 of 137 precincts reporting, 68% of votes cast were in favor of a new lease for SkyRise and Bayside, with just 31% voting no.

Earlier today, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled against activist Charles Corda, who had sued the city over the ballot language of the SkyRise lease amendment. That leaves Berkowitz in the clear to start construction.


Renderings for Lobby Revealed:

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Is that lobby designed in SecondLife?


It sure looks like it. Although I don’t think they are that unprofessional. Probably 3ds Max or Revit as those are the industry standards. :smile:

Autocad is still important, but the industry is shifting more towards emphasis on those two rendering engines.


Considering the amount of taxpayer money that they are asking for I would hope they can produce something worth having.



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:slight_smile: Construction Camera:


Credit: NXT


Site Work Is Now Underway At The Skyrise Miami Site, Where 1,049-Foot Tower Planned

Heavy machinery moved onto the Skyrise Miami entertainment tower this week, marking the start of site work and eventual construction.

A surface parking lot that was operating at the site is now permanently closed, according to Bayside employees. Demolition is underway.

Records show the following construction permits now active at the site:

Phased foundation permit, filed and approved in March 2017
Seawall permit, filed in May 2018 and approved in June. Construction cost estimated at $60,000.

Temporary trailer construction permit, filed in January 2018 and approved in July. Construction cost estimated at $500,000 with 2,400 square feet of space.

Total demolition, filed in May 2017 and approved in January 2018. Cost listed at $3.9 million, with JWR Construction listed as contractor.
Skyrise will cost at least $430 million to develop. It will rise 1,049 feet above sea level, 1,045 feet above ground.



Miami is absolutely on fire

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Skyrise Schedules November Press Conference As Excavation Gets Underway

A press conference has been scheduled for November to provide an update on the Skyrise project, according to Miami Today.

Earlier this month, the first activity in years was observed at the Skyrise site when a surface parking lot was closed to make way for construction.

Engineers are now excavating the site, Miami Today wrote.

“There’s a lot of activity” now at the Skyrise site, Bayside Marketplace senior general manager Pamela Weller told the paper. “We’re excited about it.”

Skyrise is approved at 1,049 feet above sea level – the maximum permitted by FAA rules in Miami.


Skyrise Construction Start Set For First Quarter Of 2019 After Contractor Selected

Construction at Skyrise Miami will begin in the first quarter of 2019, according to the contractor.

Brad Meltzer, the CEO of Plaza Construction told Building Design + Construction that his firm was recently selected to build the tower. Excavation at the site began last month.

Skyrise will become the tallest building in Florida. It is approved by the FAA at 1,045 feet above ground and 1,049 feet above sea level.

Legends, a joint venture between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, will operate the tower when completed. Completion is scheduled for 2023.

Attractions in the vertical entertainment complex will include on open deck called Skywalk 908 feet above ground, a transparent sky deck at 866 feet called Skyledge, and a transparent Skyglide. There will also be base jumping, a float tunnel that allows visitors to rise to the top of the tower, a 540 foot free-fall Skydrop, and the world’s tallest rotating observation wheel.

Restaurants, nightclubs and catering halls are also being built in the tower.

Planning for construction is made more complicated by the fact that there are no uses in the first 500 feet of the tower, Meltzer said. That will require a structural steel and concrete design that hasn’t been tried before in the area.

Arquitectonica is the architect. This will be the eight project that Plaza and Arquitectonica have worked on together (including the recently completed Paraiso Bay).

Berkowitz Development Group is the developer. The company has developed over 1.5 sf of office and retail.

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Via construction cam


The Skyrise site:

The Ferris wheel site: