MIAMI | 425 NE 22nd St (22 Skyview) | FT | 32 FLOORS | Com



Location: 425 NE 22 St. Miami, FL 33137

Status: Under Construction.

Type: Residential Apartments / Offices

· 32 Floors
· 258 Residential Units
· 14,500 Sq Ft of Commercial space
· 448 Parking Spaces



This one completed last fall, I think!


Double checked it did. :smile:

They are having some sales on it. I think once we get a completed section for Miami it can be moved. This was one of the projects during the boom that was U/C. Its hard with Miami due to the sheer amount of projects going up and being proposed or planned on a daily basis. After New York, Florida has the most highrises of any state. Its almost China like how they build. A lot of highrises go unnoticed but there are so many.

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