MIAMI | 100 Biscayne | 1,049 FT | 104 FLOORS

„ Yet another 1,049-foot supertall has just been proposed by a developer for a property in downtown Miami.

The tower is planned to rise 104 stories, according to newly filed documents.

Preliminary plans show it would include:

  • 1,074 residential units (averaging 1,268 square feet)
  • 252 hotel keys (averaging 540 square feet)
  • 1,013 parking spaces

The Yve Hotel, an adjacent parking garage, and a 12-story office building at 141 NE 3rd Ave would be demolished.

The adjacent 30-story New World Tower, owned by the same developer, appears to be preserved under the plans.

Zoning attorneys for 100 Biscayne, LLC, 146 Biscayne Owner LLC, 141 NE Third LLC filed a request on July 24 for a pre-application meeting with Miami-Dade planners on the development.

The companies, which are said to be affiliates of RFR Realty, control the Yve and New World Tower office building, along with the parking garage and smaller office building. All were acquired in 2022

Last year, a request was filed to include the properties in Miami-Dade’s Rapid Transit Zoning plan. The move would allow for county oversight of development on the property, rather than city.

Zyscovich, which is based in the New World Tower, is listed as the architect for the new tower.“


@Skyalign y’all are on FIRE


It’s insane down here haha. I literally cannot keep up.


That’s a beautiful classic hotel. I wish they were taking down the ugly building next door instead.

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Ikr?..Hmm?..Or that also lower one behind it,the one with the grey facade…Whatta you know?..Might as well at least also tear those ones down or totally have them renovated after or during this,I hope.Like really hope so.Just to make slightly up for it…:man_shrugging::sweat_smile:

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I have completely lost count of how many supertalls are coming to Miami, and which ones are which

Insane growth, we need one of those future skyline renders for Miami like we always have for New York


Does Miami have a cap on how tall a skyscraper can be built? because all projects have a height of 1049 feet.

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Yeah that’s the FAA limit.


Brought to you by the people who made us power down all cell phones before takeoff.