MIAMI | 101 SE 1 Avenue | 831 FT | FLOORS

101 SE 1 Avenue

What it will replace:

Several new high rises were proposed for downtown Miami over the past week, with heights ranging from 831-feet to over 1000-feet.

On March 19, a proposal was submitted for an 831-foot tower at 101 SE 1 Ave. It would replace the Ultramont Mall, a 94,810-square-foot retail center that sits on 59,900 square feet of land.

Ultramont is directly across the street from the iconic 625-foot Centrust Tower (now known as Miami Tower), famous for its nighttime light display. The architect of Ultramont, Schapiro Associates, wrote that it was designed for a ten year lifespan (it opened in 1983.)

The second proposal calls for a twin-tower project to replace a shopping center at 255 E Flagler Street. An east tower would top out at a height of 837-feet, while a west tower will rise to a height of 1,001-feet.

The twin-tower project would replace a retail center that is anchored by Marshalls. It sits on about 110,000-square-feet of land, across the street from 50 Biscayne and the Suntrust Tower.

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