Mcarts notes of developments and etc

I agree with everything you said here lol.

For me in my hypothetical scenario, if I had something to say to them based on that quote, my thought process would be like: “So let me get this straight. You deliberately reduced the height by 71 ft for no substantial reason, yet you claim that it will have NO effect on the design and bulk. The ONLY effect it’ll have for this building is the height. And yet, since you claimed that it’ll still be taller than the surrounding buildings, AGAIN what’s the point of the height reduction?”

Does it seem too harsh even though it’s hypothetical? :sweat_smile:

Well let’s just hope the original height is kept.

How amazing would it be for NYC to have 3 500 M + buildings!

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Maybe it could be even 4 500m+ buildings if it’s ever possible at the PABT redevelopment!

Maybe but those ones look like they’re gonna be chonkers.

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Yeah, it could be, based on the amount of sqft they have. :+1:

I’d love to see something ambitious in the Penn Station development, like something from @TKDV

Though something tells me they’re going to be conservative, so expect HY’s esque stuff.


His models are really great! It looks like the Brooklyn Tower’s brother and sister lol

I’d assume they’re also neo-art deco, but of course, they always have to value engineer any building that looks grand.


Well I had thought that NYC was closing in on Shenzhen in number of total skyscrapers. But I just looked at the CTBUH’s site.
Currently it says
NYC - 303
Shenzhen - 353

Close right? No big deal to make that up.
Then I looked at under construction
NYC - 22
Shenzhen - 157

Hong Kong is a monster as always with 546, but surprisingly only has 24 under construction. Ofc I don’t know how accurate the CTBUH’s data is either so.

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Sheesh, 157 skyscrapers under construction?! Impressive! Hopefully, despite the ban being in place, they’ll still be completed. :slight_smile:

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New good looking stadiums (Proposed or otherwise)

Tennessee Titans Stadium

Buffalo bills stadium

Miami hurricanes

New Orleans UNO stadium

Philadelphia 76 Center

Howard Terminal

Las Vegas Allnet arena and Hotel

Clippers New Arena in Inglewood

Sofi Stadium

Allgiant Stadium

I’ll look for more


The prospect of the Oakland A’s moving to Las Vegas seems to be getting bigger and bigger so its questionable if Howard Terminal will be built and the entire development around it since it’s centered around the construction of the field.

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Yeah we’ll see about that one. I wonder what they’ll do in Vegas. And I wonder if Vegas will get over saturated?

Well seeing as Allegiant Stadium isn’t convertible like their old stadium was, I’d suspect that they’d also have to build their own new baseball stadium.

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Seeing all these state of the art venues makes me want a new Madison Square Garden. I’d loved to get NYCFC, NYC Red Bulls, and NYG/NYJ an arena/stadium in New York smh.


I’m interested to see what design for NYCFC stadium will be.

Since it’s not guaranteed it’ll be built yet, if speculations of the 25,000 seat figure are still up-to-date, it could be nice or a flop like other soccer stadiums of that size.

NYC Red Bulls stadium is “okay”, it’s nothing special. But it has a nice symmetric design and isn’t all haphazard like some other soccer stadiums. In terms of size its a good example to use for the NYCFC stadium.

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Can’t wait for 2 WTC and 80 South Street in Downtown. Hopefully we see a lot more proposals for large supertalls, especially those residentials


45 broad street too!


Farmers Field stadium rendering from a fat minute ago


Dang, that’s huge!!