MANCHESTER | Bauer Millett | 138M + 71M | 453FT + 233FT | 40 + 15 FLOORS

Height - 138m + 71m / 453ft + 233ft

Floors - 41 + 15

Space - 240,000 Sqft Office Space + 350 Residential Units

Use - Mixed Use

Architects - SimpsonHaugh + Partners

Developer - Ask Real Estate Ltd


Render displaying the completed Beetham Tower to the right with the proposed Baker Millet development towards the left. The tram line will cut through the centre of the office block, as viewed on the left, creating a tunnel.



The view down Great Bridgewater Street where the tunnel roof will be removed leaving the historic bridges connecting Bauer Millet with the Manchester Convention Centre:



The view facing south towards which will helm two of an Simpsons glass giants:



#Massing Diagram

Facing north of the towers stepping down from Beetham to the office block to Lower Mosley Street. The cut away for the tram running through the building is also visible here:

#View Point

The city rendered from high above with Owen Street towering above to the right. A cluster is forming:


Looks great!