Los Angeles | International Airport LAX | Expansion

Rendering for the 96th Street station.

Rendering of the LAX Automated People Mover in the central terminal area

„Starting in 2022, four additional bridges will be connected above the horseshoe - formally known as World Way - connecting the future people mover stop to Terminal 1.5, Terminal 3, Tom Bradley International Terminal, and Terminal 5.5. An existing bridge linking Terminals 7 and 8 to a parking structure is to be incorporated into a bridge linking with the people mover as well.

The new bridges are relatively modest components of the $5.5-billion LAX landside access modernization program, which is itself a mere fraction of a $14-billion makeover that is rapidly reshaping one of the busest airports in the world. The people mover, one of the centerpieces of the program, will be a 2.25-mile monorail-like train with three stops in the central terminal area, and connections to two off-site ground transportation hubs and a rental car facility. The people mover is expected to begin serving passengers in 2023. Those projects would be completed by 2028 - in advance of the Summer Olympic Games scheduled for that year.