JERSEY CITY | West Side Crossing | FT | 30 + 39 + 55 + 56 FLOORS

Holy moly…

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Jersey City on the come up! Not letting DTBK get ahead of them!


Master stroke, JC. Even got a bit of High Line-style green space with that park!


Jersey City is like, “I’m not losing over a borough”.

It would really be a rival to Brooklyn if it has at least 1 supertall.

its close, the tallest building in Jersey City is taller than any building in Brooklyn, but that will change when DeKalb building is completed…


99 Hudson


Wow, that is a ton of parking for JC, especially with the light rail…

I love the idea of the park by the light rail, but I have plenty of questions about this. Not convinced yet.

Yeah, it’s a lot of parking and the light rail doesn’t technically stop there, the future stop will be across 440 in Bayfront. A lot of the other coming projects have parking in them too, this one just has a lot of units to go with it.

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the lightrail already goes there (Westside Station). The future stop in Bayfront is actually for another huge development that has yet to break ground.

This is between the two stops. I’d say West Side station is closer.

Bayfront has started preliminary work. Mainly site prep and utilities. So it’s coming!

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The scale of this is actually ringing alarm bells for me.

We should take it with a grain of salt.

Even when a shovel is in the ground, I wouldn’t be surprised if only one Phase is built out.

The parking is a lot. I doubt 440 can handle that much new traffic. Though it might put pressure on the state to just redesign the real issue, which is the 440/Rt1/9 Traffic Light, which is the main source of trraffic on 440.

I also legitimately don’t know if the Light Rail could handle both Bayfront and this if both are fully built out. This isn’t even accounting for the other projects in the area (there’s a different development of midrises slated for the current West Side Light Rail parking lot). It would probably put pressure on NJ Transit to either buy higher capacity rail cars (no perpendicular seating) or significantly improve headways.

With either, I’d say better to put pressure on better public transit. The parking should be scaled down a bit. Though some of it is for that retail, which makes sense.

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Phase 2 and 3 wont be built for another 10 years, if ever. Thats why the shortest building is in phase 1. I also have concerns on the rent cost vs affordability of the project. They cant charge downtown prices or people will just live downtown, and these buildings wont be cheap to build/maintain.

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Yimby has picked it up.


Land cost and taxes are the biggest determinant for rent prices. The land this would be on has already been demolished and is on a “cheap” side of Jersey City. At the scale it is at (more units lowers cost/sqft), the rents will definitely not be downtown prices, but they will definitely be more than anything currently on West Side.

I don’t question that they can’t afford to build it. Rather, usually development has a lot of ups and downs and any changes in the economic climate are a death sentence. I’m highly skeptical this will ever get past a Phase 1 because it seems overly ambitious.

Skyhigh renderings like this are rarely fully built out, even if all the stars align for the developer.

That said, I hope it is! Another cluster in Jersey City will probably be a net benefit for the Hudson County region down the road.