JERSEY CITY | 619 Grove St (St. Lucy's Church Redevelopment) | 23 FLOORS + 5 FLOORS | 294 FT

UPDATE: New tweaked design from 2023:

Old design below:

Jersey City really needed more quality designs like this. Okay, maybe not the shelter building, but that’s to be expected. And I’m really glad they’re keeping the church intact.


Agreed. But JC/we should demand better design for the Shelter building too.

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Something I didn’t notice before about the updated rendering in @Waymond_Womano’s link is that the St Lucy’s rectory and school building are being preserved too, which wasn’t the case in @the726’s earlier rendering. I think that’s a good thing. Both are magnificent buildings, arguably architecturally more refined than the church itself. I remember being somewhat sad that these two buildings were being knocked down (though it still would’ve been worth it).

Demolition plan:

The same rendering Waymond_Womano posted is included in their amended site plan that is set to go before the Planning Board and Historic Preservation Commission:

WARNING: 95MB file:


I liked this design more: it makes me think of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”


That earlier design was definitely higher-end in terms of materials and finishes. I think there was some value engineering involved. Though I would also say the earlier design wasn’t very original–it was a very obvious copy of Foster & Partners’ Hearst Tower design on 8th Ave in Manhattan.

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Actually, the plan to keep the facades of all 3 buildings have been part of the project since at least 2021. As per the site plans I have seen from that time. The newest changes up for re-approval is mostly regarding the new tower. But yes, I’m really glad the buildings facades are being kept. It helps give the new building some context since that area has tons of old tenements/ brownstones.

Along with the public housing redevelopment nearby, this area is about to soar.

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Yes, but that 2018 rendering does not keep the school building. I guess the decision to save it was made sometime between 2018 and 2020. The 2020 plans were approved just before the city started posting site plans online. Thanks for the info!

BTW the homeless shelter and supportive housing portion of this project opened a few days ago. Wonderful that these benefits are being felt even before the tower has even broken ground.

150 beds, 14 units for residents with HIV, five 3-BR units for homeless families, and 15 permanent studios for low-income residents.


Tour of the St Lucy’s shelter (44 pics).

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