JERSEY CITY | 185 Monmouth St (Grand/Jersey RDP Block 5&6) | 349 FT | 27 FLOORS

This is a 515-unit proposal for vacant land owned by the city’s redevelopment agency. The city would get $30M for selling the land. So far other proposals in the Grand/Jersey Redevelopment Plan area have failed to pan out (The Crescent, which is Blocks 16 and 17 on the map below, is the biggest and most recent). Unfortunately the costs to clean up contamination and build infrastructure may be prohibitive. We’ll see if this one gets farther than the Crescent.
The location is blocks 5/6 on the map below.


Is this the lot to the immediate south, across Grand Street?


That’s this site:

I’ve moved it to the appropriate thread now.

Thanks. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of these, especially if there is no defined street address.

a couple more renderings.


This is on the agenda for the next planning session, but looks like they are already doing soil testing. Rode by on the light rail today and saw an excavator and core sampling rig on site. Hopefully this is an indication of how fast the project will move, though I imagine if they encounter a lot of remediation needed that will slow things down much like The Crescent project.