JERSEY CITY | 177 Grand St | 320 FT + 209 FT | 29 FLOORS + 18 FLOORS

This is a proposal for the site at the SE corner of Grand and Marin. It needs a rezoning to happen.

EDIT 11/3/2023: it’s now 397 apartments and 71 parking spaces, 60 income restricted, plus retail.

Original post: Will be a mixed-income building, with 401 apartments and 204 parking spaces as well as retail.


There isn’t 100% affordable housing and enough parking for the entire neighborhood, that’s gonna be a no from me.

Also that looks higher than 2 stories, might block my views of the neighborhood walls. Sorry gonna have to shoot this down.

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Possible Zoning Changes Could Bring Two Towers to Jersey City’s Golden Cicada Site

A legendary but shuttered dive bar space currently owned by a local developer has a plan in place that could bring a 401-unit development with affordable housing plus a school to the land.

Just about three years ago, Jersey City’s Golden Cicada stopped serving their famous baijiu shots after a run that spanned almost four decades. Silverman moved quickly to acquire the 195 Grand Street lot, which welcomed the Golden Cicada Baja Biergarten late last year.

The company, under the subsidiary of Sussex Street Associates LLC, is now seeking to have amendments enacted to the Tidewater Basin Redevelopment Plan that governs the area. The changes are being sought to facilitate a development that would include two towers connected by a four-story base, creating a transition zone between Paulus Hook’s brownstones and Liberty Harbor’s high-rises.

The modifications would add additional “permitted uses” within the Tidewater Basin plan to include offices, retail, and cafes while also allowing mid-rise apartment buildings on lots of 2,800 square feet or more to include a maximum density of 55 dwelling units per acre.

The requested changes max out building height at 300 feet for any building fronting Grand Street and 190 feet for any structure along Sussex Street. The revisions add parking requirements of 0.5 spaces for every residential unit and also create new rules related to building setbacks, tower setbacks, lot coverage, and landscaping requirements.

401 total units and 204 parking spaces are proposed between Silverman’s two towers, meaning about 60 affordable housing units would be created under the plan. The endeavor, designed by architecture firm Fogarty Finger, consists of a 26-story tower along Grand Street that tops out at 275 complemented by a 16-story structure that would rise 178 feet along Sussex Street.

The two towers would be connected by a four-story base that would include a landscaped rooftop amenity area. The plan for the ground floor includes two 3,000+ square foot retail spaces along Grand Street and a 7,050-square foot space that is listed as a “school” under Silverman’s proposal.


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Going up for Planning Board approval now.


Approved by the Planning Board tonight


Very cool to see JC slowly fill in its empty lots.

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