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I live in Honolulu and we have a ton of developments going up here. When you drive down Ala Moana or the H1 you just see cranes everywhere.

We have very diverse architecture with a very heavy Asian influence (I think the Japanese own like over 50% of the developments). Due to the tropical climate there are many buildings build open air, and also with vegetation. Buildings that target tourist can afford to be more daring, while in the business section of town the towers look more typical.

Honolulu’s vertical development is driven by the fact it is on a very desirable Island. However it is a fairly narrow tract on the south show that is suitable for vertical development and is near the tourist locations and also financial drivers like the Ports.

They are building a rail system east to west and real estate near the future stations is booming.

Honolulu is also unique because it is one of, if not the most isolated major city in the world (Oahu has a population of 1.1-2 million with a vast majority of those living on the south shore). Add in the hundreds of thousands of tourist on the island at any time you get a hive of activity thousands of miles from the next major city.

Waikiki portion on skyline, Diamond Head would be off to the right

This is the downtown portion of city, Waikiki resort on condo high rises are off the picture to the right.


Setup a new Honolulu category for you. This thread is great and so is Honolulu/Hawai’i! :smiley:

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I look forward to this.

Please post some photos of Honolulu, Atticus Finch!

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Nice, same here. I’m looking forward.

Atticus Finch,

Can you post some photos of downtown Honolulu?

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Some high res shots. Zoom to see detail.


Credit: Eric Tessmer

Credit: James Brennan

I really like this next shot. Its pretty dense. :blush:

Credit: Piero Damiani

This is its CBD:

Credit: Greg


great pics chris.

The view from the top of Diamondhead is great for seeing the city.

I took some pics while riding in the car with my wife. They are not great pics but they give you an idea of the amount of building going up.

I will post them later when I get a chance to upload them to my computer so I can re size them.


Some rail construction in the area.

Credit: miniviews

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Amazing list of developments! Another island in full bloom :seedling:

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I have a bunch of pics to add. I just have to get them on my PC and resize them all…

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Ok here are some pics, took them while in passenger seat of car driving down Nimitz Highway. Not great pics, but gives an idea.

This is taken near where I work. Not a great view, but you can see the cranes lining the skyline.



Ah, where I wish I was. Great photo set. Its literally paradise, minus the traffic. I hear the traffic is horrendous there, but I wouldn’t mind it. See, in NJ, there’s way to much traffic, but when I’m stuck in traffic, I see smoke stacks and honda civics with the far cans in the back. There, you get to see blue skies and palm trees. And the waters actually blue. Here, its kinda grey and lifeless. Sandy Hook is no paradise for a beach. Lots of broken bottle glasses everywhere.

well Maui or Kauai and just as or more beautiful and much less crowded. However, on Oahu you have the nightlife. The other Islands kinda die after dark except things going on inside the resorts.I think Oahu has the best beaches too. If you are just in it for the hikes and scenes Kauai is your best bet (it has great beaches too). Big Island is totally different, but cool. Roads are great and not crowded + Volcanoes (3 active, 1 of which is erupting).

Taken June 21, 2016: (High res click to zoom in)

Credit: Anthony Quintano