HOBOKEN | North End Redevelopment (1,134 Units)

North End Redevelopment Plan amendments proposed

On March 3, the Hoboken City Council will vote on the final reading of the North End Redevelopment Plan after the council reintroduced the plan with a myriad of amendments on Feb. 17.

The plan reimagines 30 acres of Hoboken’s primarily industrial northwest and sets the permitted uses and development standards for the North End Rehabilitation Area roughly bounded by the 14th Street Viaduct to the south, Park Avenue to the east, 17th Street to the north, and the Palisades Cliffs to the west. The Hudson Bergen Light Rail line runs along the western and northern edges.

The plan includes a proposal for a new Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station, public open space to connect to a city-wide green circuit, a mix of new commercial and residential uses, a minimum 10 percent affordable housing set aside, a pedestrian-oriented retail corridor along 15th Street, a pedestrian promenade along Clinton Street, and the raising of streets to accommodate underground flood infrastructure.

It includes guidelines for establishing a multi-modal circulation network, including integrated bike lanes, shared parking, new parks and open space, sustainable land use and development, and new public infrastructure.

Building heights would range from five to 10 stories. A minimum of roughly 1,134 units could come to the area, with the majority of buildings being mixed-use with ground-floor commercial space.

This does not include allowances for increased height to roughly 12 stories if developers offer certain givebacks such as increasing the affordable housings set aside from 10 to 15 percent.


Some more details. 1st one was from Feb 1 2021. This one is from the 17th. Also note “the gateway project”.

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