JERSEY CITY | Jersey Avenue Development (4200+ Units) | 42 Acres

Jersey Avenue Development Plan

The ultimate in urban neighborhood living is being proposed on 42 acres by a consortium of local and national developers in response to the mandate of smart growth and transit-oriented development. The recommended design combines two urban neighborhoods and a mixed-use core, where you can live, work, shop, play and attend school. A district where everyone is within walking distance to a new Hudson/Bergen light rail transit station with connections to the PATH and New York Waterways. Where parks and landscaped plazas are integrated into daily life. This urban design plan is in an approved redevelopment area containing over 4,200 urban homes in new and rehabilitated loft type buildings and over four million square feet of commercial offices space within mixed use buildings. The emphasis is on the character and scale of the streets to insure walkability and community quality of life.

Project At-A-Glance

Developer/Client: Lance T. Lucarelli DeveloperLocation: Jersey City, New Jersey

Size: 4,032 Residential Units, 940,000 SF Retail & Restaurants, 7 Acres Parks, Open Space, 42 Acres Total Tract and 11,715 Parking SpacesTeam: A. Nelessen Associates Consultant Planner



I think this is a stale proposal. Several of the lots in the plan were already developed (or are currently under construction) as “SoHo West/Cast Iron Lofts”


The Van Leer development is technically part of this whole jersey ave development in the soho west neighborhood.

Van leer north site is clear but not much going on.

Van leer south had a lot going on today. Mostly digging.

Render from hoboken brownstone company. Van leer north and south in the foreground.


The building in the foreground on the right in this rendering (Van Leer Place South) is rising:



Here’s an updated map showing how all the proposed developments in the area fit together:


Hamilton House Phase 2 (purple on the map above) is already topped out. I passed by it last week.


Van leer south is 1 floor up in some sections

Plus that embankment phase 2 has some stuff going on. (Lefrak revertment just south of the White block on the map above.


Hamilton House Phase 2. Photos by Oron_Zchut

Revetment House 2


Second building is almost done

Third phase of this development by Lefrak

Hamilton House Phase 2

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Van Leer South is almost complete. It is being marketed as The Enclave.

Van Leer North - excavators were digging yesterday.


The last few months there has been demo on one of the Manhattan Builidng Company’s sites. The site bordered by Monmouth, Coles, 14th and 15th streets. There was a large industrial building on that block but it is mostly gone now. I think they will leave the other industrial building and renovate it on the site to the north according to some of the development plans.


Tearing down old industrial buildings, building new industrial looking buildings, building on old masonry embankments. It’s nuts what’s going on over there.


Yes, you’re right. It’s disappointing. There was so much potential to do good work, and they demolished/built over it instead. But it is nice to see this once empty area actually becoming a part of the city again. I’m still hoping they follow through with a new light-rail stop adjacent to the Lefrak property.


The debt will fuel Manhattan’s work on Emerson Lofts , envisioned as an eventual 1,000-unit complex at 315-326 15th Street in the growing secondary city, New Jersey’s second largest after Newark. MRC’s loan will back the project’s first phase, a 26-story, 350-apartment tower that would also include 10,000 square feet of commercial space.

Future plans for the site, for which the MRC financing provides pre-development money, also include the conversion of a 600,000-square-foot industrial building — formerly the Emerson Radio Factory — into loft-style apartments. Blueprints also contemplate two other ground-up residential construction projects.


At this point, it’s almost 100% certain to happen. They filed construction permits for the piles and foundation in September.
I’m going to go ahead and make a thread on this one, it’s big enough to merit its own thread.


Besides the Emerson Lofts, two other buildings are under construction here: Van Leer North and 100 Hoboken Ave (east of Van Leer across from Monmouth Street). Both appear to have the same owner or Joint Venture

There is also a sign up for the future Coles Street Park

Additionally, two other projects are in different stages of construction slightly further north - the project labeled as “NY Ave” on your map (which is 39 New York Ave), and directly east of it where the former recycling plant is, 3 New York Ave. 3 New York Ave is surrounded by construction fence and (probably) soon to be demolished, 39 New York Ave is well under construction


wow this is fast growing neighborhood, good to see the level of commitment. Hopefully they can get a light rail stop in that section to accommodate all the development.


A light rail stop is desperately needed. This area is quite disconnected from Jersey City, separated by the Holland Tunnel approaches. It’s actually more connected to Hoboken. There was a light rail stop proposed as part of a larger development on the large plot where the Exxon station is, but that project fell through a long time ago. Currently there are two LeFrak buildings proposed for that lot. Hopefully the light rail stop is brought back - it will really connect this neighborhood.


The city claims that the revenues from the new parking tax will be used to fund the Jersey Ave Light Rail stop.

Found this map of development in the area and updated it to reflect recent developments. Still missing from the map is the Jersey City Housing Authority’s plan to replace Holland Gardens with an 20-25 story building with more than 500 apartments, as well as the proposal to build a 25-story, 450-apartment building at 690 Marin Blvd that would include 20% affordable units (Mayor Fulop seems to have sunk that plan).

Here’s what the Holland Gardens proposal looks like:

And here’s what 619 Marin would look like: