JERSEY CITY | Jersey Avenue Development (4200+ Units) | 42 Acres

Former residents at Holland Gardens have been told that a Spring/Summer of 2022 is more likely now.



Two of these lots have projects that are up for planning approval this week:

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From around 2 weeks ago

100 Hoboken Ave

Van Leer North

39 New York Ave

3 New York Ave

Future site of the Coles Street Park and 286 Coles St

Emerson Lofts


This past week

100 House (100 Hoboken Ave) - complete and open

Van Leer North

3 New York Ave - demo finally begins

Sawyer (39 New York Ave)

Coles Street Park


Holland Park Proposal Could Bring New Light Rail Station, 800 Units to Jersey City

February 16, 2021

Holland Park Parcel Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Site of proposed development on the border between Jersey City and Hoboken. Image via Google Maps.

The northern end of Jersey City’s downtown is starting to become one of the fastest-growing areas in Hudson County and more development that includes a significant mass transit investment could be coming to the neighborhood.

Late last month, a community meeting was held regarding possible zoning changes that are in the works for the area near the city’s border with Hoboken. One of the companies requesting the modifications is East Rutherford-based Lincoln Equities Group, who recently won approvals to build an 880,000-square-foot UPS distribution center along the former Military Ocean Terminal property in Bayonne.

Holland Park Aerial Map Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park, aerial map. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

The company’s proposed Jersey City endeavor will differ from that project quite a bit, as they are looking to develop a vacant parcel between Grove Street and Jersey Avenue that abuts tracks for the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. Lincoln Equities’ block of land is directly north of property owned by LeFrak, who have an approved 258-unit project in the pipeline that has yet to break ground.

Holland Park Aerial Site Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park, aerial map. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

The Lincoln Equities proposal is dubbed Holland Park and would include two buildings separated by a north-south pedestrian plaza. The potential open space would be tiered and feature retail plus parking facilities, with renderings showing new public restrooms, outdoor café seating, and landscaped areas.

Holland Park Plaza Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park plaza. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

Holland Park Plaza 2 Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park plaza. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

The stairs at the potential plaza would lead to a new elevated Hudson Bergen Light Rail station to be constructed at the developer’s expense that includes pedestrian connections to 18th Street and Grove Street. The existing rails of the system would remain as is, with the station being built south of the trackage.

Holland Park Light Rail Station Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park, light rail station. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

To facilitate the project, the company is asking for some amendments to the Jersey Avenue Light Rail Redevelopment Plan. Under the changes requested to the High-Rise District that the property falls under, Lincoln Equities would be allowed to construct 800 units within the Holland Park complex and building heights at the property would be capped at 18 stories.

Holland Park Height Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park, building height. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

Jersey City’s recently passed Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance would apply to the project as currently pitched, although the exact number of affordable units that could be created within the development is unclear based on the ordinance’s buyout provisions and the community giveback of the proposed light rail station.

Jersey City will be hosting a second meeting on the suggested zoning changes this week and additional modifications could be coming to the neighborhood. An overhaul to facilitate a redevelopment of the Holland Gardens public housing complex is being considered and zoning amendments are also being weighed for a block-long property along 18th Street just north of the Cast Iron Lofts.

Holland Park Full Zoning Changes Lincoln Equities Jersey City

Holland Park, full zoning changes. Rendering courtesy Lincoln Equities Group.

The upcoming February 17 meeting will review urban design regulations and development feasibility issues regarding the proposed changes, among other topics. The meeting, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m., will be held digitally on Zoom and those interested in attending can register to do so at this link.

A public comment period will run through February 24 following the meeting and residents can email their remarks to officials regarding the plan. A final presentation of the zoning plan for the neighborhood will be unveiled during a separate meeting to be held on March 10.


Seems that the jerseydigs author (under the name busybee) reads this forum’s threads and sources from them without attribution. Not the first time something is posted on this forum and then gets posted on JerseyDigs a couple days later. Often busybee will then come to post a JD link which usually contains no extra information other than what’s already on yimby forums.


Uhoh… I always thought it was a bit too much a coincidence :grimacing:

LOL I read Jersey Digs as well as these forums but I assure you I don’t work for them. It looks like Jersey City’s government posted the details about this on all their social media on Monday Facebook. The info on this doesn’t appear to be a well kept secret anymore, the city is actively promoting the meeting and the details of this development are all included in their link.

The last thing I posted on here from them was about Bayfront, it’s 8,000 units and there was no topic on this forum about it. Figured folks might be interested. Sorry to interrupt your reign.

A quick look at their recent articles shows a whole bunch of projects that don’t have threads on here, not sure your conspiracy theory plays out. Sorry to interfere with the monopoly you apparently have of pulling information from public sources and putting in on here and weirdly expecting credit. I’ll leave you to it.

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Some mediocre pictures from the train

Emerson Lofts (from lyft)

3 New York Ave and Sawyer (39 New York Ave)

Looks like this whole little corner is complete: The Enclave, 100 House and One Ten (Van Leer North)

The site of the future potential light rail station/Holland Park/LeFrak developments


Coles St Park

Emerson Lofts

site across from Emerson Lofts

Sawyer, nearly complete

3 New York Ave - demo permit updated, but still no movement


There has been recent activity at 3 New York Ave - the old structure on sight has been demolished. They are now grading the surface.