Fostering More Developments in Urban Cities

Hey, I’m the founder of a tech startup developing a product tool to help developers deal with Nimbyism. Ive had some convos with prominent developers about what features and data they may need — and am hoping to get more help here! If anyone would like to chime in below, it would help my team and I build a product that makes it easier for developers and designers to manage with community resistance.

  1. Do you have any tools, resources, or strategies to deal with nimbyism?
  2. What is the single most challenging thing in dealing with nimbysim?
  3. What is the greatest impact nimbyism has on your project?
  4. How much would you invest in an app that can help you reduce these challenges?

**Also if you are interested in being in a focus group to help us test this product please let me know by mentioning it below!

There are lots of time/investment put into risk assessments, feasibility, and analysis for a project. What is a word to describe your feeling when unpredictable social elements arise ie protests, bad press, community votes no?