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Wasn’t One Vanderbilt reached on a 5-foot-thick concrete slab? Wouldn’t it also be possible to build 175 Park Ave on top of it?

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@007 I’m slightly confused by your question or what exactly you are asking.

@Mackensen, I cant recall how thick the core mat foundation was at One Vanderbilt, only that it was one of the largest continuous pours in the cities history. 175 Park Ave cannot be built in a similar manner because of the subway station and utilities underneath it, that is why it looks the way it does, the base design isnt just because SOM wanted it to look pretty/different, it is directly related to how the tower is being supported. In a similar manner to how their 1 MW base design was not just to be pretty.


is there a pile foundation plan for 175 Park Ave?

similar to the project in Frankfurt…

foundation plan for 175 Park Ave

There are no publicly available plans for 175 Park ave, and/or a number of other projects, those plans are not something that are made to the public and the same goes for construction documents. The foundation plans you saw for the Frankfurt project were photographed, you didnt see them because someone uploaded a pdf of them.

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why only talk about the construction.

but also about architecture style and design?

Read the thread title

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Lol, I’m pretty sure 007 was saying why construction is the only talked about (or most talked about) of the 3 topics the thread is about @mcart.

@007 because its more factual, so people ask more about it/are more interested in it, where as the others are more objective/subjective, even though design and styles can also be factual, construction is purely factual.


I just happened to notice this thread. PBS did a documentary about this book and building. It might be on youtube.

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