DALLAS | Perot Tower | FT | ~70 FLOORS

The nation-wide skyscraper boom continues, with Dallas making its way into the game! I hope this is what will be built here.

Developer H. Ross Perot Jr.'s Hillwood real estate firm has hired London-based Foster + Partners to create concept plans for an almost 70-story tower on the northern edge of downtown.

The soaring glass-and-steel high-rise would be across Woodall Rodgers Freeway from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Artist’s renderings on display in the Perot family’s new Dallas headquarters on Turtle Creek show a round building with three atrium areas and a lighted top.

The tower would be built at Field Street and Woodall Rodgers on the former Bank of America site, which Hillwood recently cleared for future construction.

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Foster is such a Dick though. He drops the ball in NY.

Yeah really lol. Now this would of been a stellar design for 50 Hudson.

Foster dropped the ball so hard in NY that we might of gone back in time.

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I can’t stand the guy. 200 Greenwich is great, and 425 Park and Hearst are very nice, but all of his other NY work is mediocre.

50 HY sucks nads.


It is possible that the developers wanted a “basic” design for 50 Hudson. It is not totally on foster.


I agree!

NY needs something like this!

I hope this happens. It seems that it won’t be built without a tenant.

I like Dallas, but in that city, as in most sunbelt cities (e.g., Atlanta and Charlotte) companies are based in suburban office parks near where people live – not downtown.

Anyway, other than Miami, Dallas is my favorite sunbelt city. I think that Atlanta and Charlotte are lame.

I agree with Miami and Dallas.

Actually, if I were to move to Texas, it would be Dallas 100%.

City is great, and IMO, the jewel of the state. Good homes, neighborhoods, great services, and the job market is fantastic.

I agree, Chris.

I like SAN Antonio too, but that’s more of a tourist city.

You guys are definitely forgetting Austin.

Although Austin is really popular, I prefer Dallas.

I don’t think will ever be built. Dallas has a history of making proposals and never following through. I’ll get excited when I see a crane, til then this is much to do about nothin.

That would suck, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Due to Dallas’ traffic and sprawl, most big companies want to be in suburban office parks – not downtown. Atlanta and Charlotte are the same in that regard. Their downtowns thrive on banks, law firms, and accounting firms. Most corporations though are in suburban office parks.

Dallas sucks! I lived there for a few years and it’s WAY to suburban. Downtown is dead, no new significant towers since the 80’s. They need to learn from Denver and it’s recent infill boom.

Meanwhile, this tower is stunning! Why does Foster design world class towers for cities such as Dallas, but then gives NYC garbage (other than the hearst)?