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Hi, all! I wanted to set up a place where folks from Columbus or interested in Columbus could post about and discuss development, urban planning, and transportation that pertains to Columbus, Ohio.


Here are some newly announced projects in Columbus:

Peninsula Phase 2: the continuation of the transformation of the Scioto Peninsula in downtown Columbus Phase 2 of Scioto Peninsula Development Now Features Shorter Tower, More Buildings - Columbus Underground

New mixed use proposal in Johnstown by the site of the Intel fab: Mixed-Use Development Part of Larger Proposal for 400 Acres North of Intel Site - Columbus Underground


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3400 Twin Creeks Drive

There’s a plan in the works to build an apartment complex at 3400 Twin Creeks Drive in Columbus. The developer, Kittle Property Group Inc., has plans to create 216 apartments with amenities, including a dog park, clubhouse, and playground.

Those who live on both sides of the site said they feel the complex will bring several problems to the area.

“Our property values are gonna drop.,” said Brenda Fuller. “The crimes gonna go up. We have potential to lose our wells.”

southeast corner of West Capital and Starling streets

82 East 16th Avenue

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