COLUMBIA FALLS, ME | Flagpole of Freedom Park | 1461 FT | FLOORS


Well you don’t see a proposal like this everyday


is the 1 billion dollars for the whole park or just the observation tower I wonder

Something tells me its the park

*now seeking taxpayer money to fund it.

Boondoggle of boondoggles.

It’s an April Fools’ joke right?


I hate April Fool’s Day.

What a boondoggle.

I thought this was an April Fools joke?

Nope, apparently

Well I mean that’s cool then. Seems if the only problem is permits then this should be fine.

Frankly I’m kinda surprised that there aren’t giant flagpoles in the big cities like NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, etc

Ugh. What an eyesore. Just what rural Maine needs… a giant FU pole to Canada and everyone trying to get out and enjoy unspoiled nature. :frowning:

Columbia Falls is a great name for a place that’s exploiting American jingoism for profit.

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