CHICAGO | New Chicago Bears Stadium

It’s the same story in every city.

The billionaires own the teams, and the taxpayers pay for the stadiums. And study after study has shown that these arrangements are never beneficial for the taxpayer.

I wonder if Illinois’ billionaire governor has any power to stop this.


What a great opportunity to get rid of Soldier Field and create an enormous amount of additional park space!

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Hopefully, JB will step in and put some pressure on Brandon Johnson to stop pushing so hard for taxpayer support for this stadium.

On another note, Solider Field should never be demolished. Idealistically (and probably selfishly…) I would want to return it to the original design and redesignate it with Landmark status… The original stadium was one of the centerpieces of the city. Removing LSD would go much further providing additional park space along the entire shorefront IMO.

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