CHICAGO | Will the Sox leave US Comiskular Rate Field (and maybe the city)?

If it does happen yikes, another indictment on the state of the city of Chicago

Nahhh, this is about the decline of baseball. The demand for a city lifestyle has never been higher (in the last 100 years at least)

the Chicago teams have stunk recently (The Cubs are above .500 so cheering for them to do well this time arohnd). But the New York teams also stink this year and still attract tens of thousands of fans per game. You can’t be a major city and have two major league sports teams look to leave the city and claim it’s about the decline of one of the sports. Where could they possibly go to attract more fans per game? Chicago also has a long history with the game. So why would the White Sox want to leave the city? It would be the most ponderous decision in modern American sports history

I looked at where the White Sox stadium is located.

It’s a prime location next to a CTA station (Red Line) and a Metra regional rail station (Rock Island District) and also very close to another CTA station (Green Line).

Unfortunately because of the silly baseball stadium the whole site is surrounded by a sea of parking lots. There’s nothing in terms of restaurants or shops because folks just drive in, see the game and drive home.

Is this the most inefficient use of prime real estate in Chicago?

I hope, as do many others, that the baseball team moves away, the ballpark is torn down and an actual neighborhood is built in its place.

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It wouldn’t even be the most ponderous decision in Chicago sports history.

Unless one doesn’t view Michael Jordan’s decision to quit basketball and play baseball as one of the most ponderous variety.

I have certainly pondered a lot about it. As has Michael Jordan, and I presume Jerry Reinsdorf.

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As a Southsider and a sox fan, i can attest to that. I have gone to games and just left the area after the game concluded. Its an oasis, if you will. The surrounding neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity are okay but it can take a turn for the not so nice real quick in multiple directions. Not sure if the stadiums departure would be a boon for the area or if it would end up being worse.