CHICAGO | NASCAR Street Course Race

„ The city of Chicago has endorsed a NASCAR street course race to be held for a three-year stretch beginning in 2023, according to a letter obtained by The Athletic via a public records request. While no contract has officially been signed between NASCAR and the city, an announcement is tentatively scheduled for July 19.

In a letter addressed to NASCAR senior vice president of racing development and strategy Ben Kennedy, the city expressed its enthusiasm about serving as the host of NASCAR street course races in 2023, 2024, and 2025. The letter was signed by Erin Harkey, the commissioner of the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.

The idea of a street course race in Chicago has been openly discussed for some time as NASCAR has looked to re-enter the market after the Chicagoland Speedway in nearby Joliet, Ill. was dropped from the schedule and eventually ceased racing operations. In 2021, a conceptual Chicago street course was piloted in iRacing, which incorporated parts of Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive and picturesque settings like Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain.„


What would be the interest if I change this topic in the discussion category, for general discussion on the topic of NASCAR (City Race in New York).

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I would be interested. Until this proposal in Chicago, I had genuinely never heard of City Race by NASCAR, only F1!


Yeah Nascar does them.

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changed the category, only the city Chicago I leave in the topic because I do not know if in other cities a City Course Race takes place.

Would a City Race also be possible in New York City?

This is unbelievably trashy.

What is? A race?

NASCAR in general.

Why is that?

You should look into this and I should not have to tell you that.

That’s not an answer.

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This is horrible. Grant Park is basically the Central Park of Chicago, and they’re gonna shut down the park for a NASCAR race? Seriously?

And on a peak summer weekend? So the lakefront will be unusable? And all the nearby residents have to get out of town or put up with the noise and pollution?

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Did they ever say that? I saw the roads around it will but not the park itself. Though the park will probably be filled with spectators if it isn’t closed.

Actually I found this on ESPN
“It will be paired with an IMSA sports car race the day before, as well as music and entertainment options located along the 12-turn, 2.2-mile street course.”
So the park will probably be not only open but filled with people, music, food carts etc.
Speculation obviously as this is a year away but that’s what I’m getting from it.

Uhh no probably not. See my previous comment.

Yeah probably. You could say the same about literally any event ever though.

White trash festival.


That’s a derogatory generalization.


I wonder how much this tears up the streets, and/or if they get repaired after the event

so trashy apparently that America’s Second City wants to host them.



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