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This is Related’s proposal for a Casino in South Loop Chicago, multiple bidders across the city.

Renders of other potential projects


Well it looks nice (at least this rendering anyway). Not a fan of casinos but whatevs. Definitely love the waterfront areas, would be nice to sit there while eating.
Also out of these 3 renderings, the 3rd is the worst.

Very nice!

If Neil Bluhm/Related’s proposal for “The 78” is chosen and it is actually built to the quality of what is presented in the render Chicago would probably have the most iconic casino in the U.S. The other proposals so far are typical Chicago glass-box/podium fodder but the JGMA designed proposal is world class and would elevate the standards for modern Chicago architecture to a tier where it belongs and hasn’t been delivering on this century. Unfortunately, anything to do with Related is typically scaled-back, value-engineered to death and will take years longer to get off of the ground than any competent developer’s proposal would take. Related’s Spire site proposal is the best example of how they over-promise and under-deliver. They took David Childs’ would-be masterpiece towers and reduced them to slightly interesting.

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Website for the 78 proposal

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Whether the “78” gets chosen for this casino spot or not, I hope it gets built somewhere. The design is amazing.

Honestly, Bally’s at Tribune is growing on me. Great location w/ good transit access to the rest of the city. For me, it’s a battle between Bally’s Tribune and the 78. Visually, Bally’s is not a stunner. I just love the location and how integrated the development is with the existing area. Although it’s completely exciting to see the 78 also develop the south loop, it was already going to be developed and include an entertainment district before the city announced they were looking to build a casino. Do you think the 78 would still be developed without the casino project? Would choosing the Tribune site allow the city to simultaneously develop two areas?


Who could have seen that coming…

Looks like Hardrock is out of the running…

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