CHICAGO | The 78 | Phase 1

Chicago’s 78th neighborhood by Related Midwest


Related Midwest

Wells Street looking north. Related Midwest

The intersection of Clark and 15th streets will form a gateway to The 78. Note how 15th dips under the enclosed Metra tracks.

The U of I’s Discovery Partners Institute will anchor the development’s “education hub.”

The 78’s building are oriented around the Crescent Park that follows the former bend of the Chicago River.


A view of the Phase I projects, which includes sub-projects like Gateway Towers, a park, and and a mixed-use innovation office along Roosevelt. Rendering courtesy SOM


Some photos I took last week:


Wells-Wentworth Connector. Photo by Jack Crawford

Overview of The 78 North phase (Gateway Towers in top-left corner). Plan by SOM


So it looks like they’ve begun to do a little work but nothing too dramatic?


Pic from the BMO construction cam

Rendering of Rivers The 78 proposal by Rivers Casino

Rendering of the riverfront outdoor spaces of Rivers The 78 proposal by Rivers Casino

Original Rendering of The 78 by Related Midwest


Animation coming soon!


What are you rendering on? Zen 3 threadripper? What’s your ram? Etc. Also good stuff as always. Pretty sure there was a whole thing about how this would interact with the traffic on a particular street.

I use Unreal Engine 4 so everything is in real-time. Still image needs no rendering and is as easy as taking a screenshot. My RTX 8000 graphics cards helps out quite a bit as well lol.


DPI’s planned headquarters on Chicago’s Near South Side.


„ Anchored by Rivers Casino at The 78, featuring 3,300 initial gaming positions, a world-class sportsbook, and a winter garden, the Entertainment District will also highlight local, up-and-coming minority- and women-owned food concepts. The casino is complemented by a luxury hotel with 300 rooms that will be one of the city’s most desirable accommodations.

A 1,000-foot observation tower serves as the centerpiece for the site, redefining the city’s skyline. The tower’s design is inspired by Chicago’s historic bridges and includes an event space at the top with unparalleled views over the city.“


I really love this design for the site, the others were basic asf 60s vegas casino designs, ugh no I’m good.

Per KngKyle:

Looks like the Tribune agrees with the majority here.


Editorial: The best choice for the Chicago casino is The 78
FEB 18, 2022 AT 2:18 PM

We’ve read all the proposals, listened to arguments. We think Rivers is the most qualified and suitable operator, and the area known as The 78 is the most viable site.

Rush Street Gaming is a proven operator of arguably the most successful of the current Illinois casinos, Rivers in Des Plaines. The major investor, Neil Bluhm, has deep roots in this city and a vested interest in doing right by everyone.

Rivers has shown an ability to showcase Chicago businesses, such as Hugo’s Frog Bar, which has an outpost in Des Plaines. And we think it is the easiest of these three entities for Chicago to hold accountable in the long term.

The 78 (the name is a riff on Chicago’s existing 77 neighborhoods) is located south of the Loop and north of Chinatown. It’s bordered by Roosevelt Road to the north, Clark Street to the east, 16th Street to the south, and the South Branch of the Chicago River to the west. An important caveat is that the casino does not interfere with plans for the Discovery Partners Institute, the important research center to be operated by the University of Illinois. But there’s plenty of room on this 62-acre parcel of former railroad property now owned by Related Midwest.

The 78 site long has been a missing developmental link between downtown and the South Side. It’s an easy reach from the hotels in the Chicago Loop, especially once the planned new CTA station is built at 15th Street. And it does not displace anyone. Plus the planned infrastructure already is well along, which you cannot say about one of the more up-in-the-air competing sites, One Central.

Most important, there already are plans for an entertainment district of which this casino could (and should) just be a part.

The 78 comes, crucially, with river frontage. That would allow architects to throw away the usual shed approaches to casinos and build one open to the river, with riverside bars and dining and boat docking (both private vessels and water taxis) alongside. If done right, this could be a tourist-friendly expansion of former Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s inarguably successful Riverwalk project. And if that sounds elitist to you, remember that you want casinos to target those with disposable income for the benefit of the less well off. The site is also not far from McCormick Place, but not too close.


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Lol there’s a new rendering of what the 78 would look like during St. Patrick’s Day…3882639061476/

Plans for U of I research center in Chicago move ahead…ago-move-ahead

Plans for the big Discovery Partners Institute research center in the South Loop took a meaningful step forward today as Related Midwest announced it has transferred to the University of Illinois the title to an acre of land near the southwest corner of Related’s property, The 78.

DPI said the action clears the way for construction of its first building, a $250 million-plus, 261,000-square-foot structure that will house classrooms, lab space and offices. Construction should begin next year, said DPI Executive Director Bill Jackson, with completion in “late 2025 or early ’26.”



I can’t read this article (paywall).