Brutalism + Beauty = BEAUTALISM

I’m not a fan of Le Corbusier, but this man (who is inspired by him) adds elements of beauty to Brutalism.


I would argue that the vast majority of Tadao Ando’s work is not considered Brutalist Architecture and shouldn’t be considered that just because he uses concrete. Concrete itself is not what necessarily defines Brutalist architecture, its the forms, massing, and expression of the material that defines it, but also the time period because Brutalism was a movement, and while brutalist styled buildings are still built today, I wouldn’t classify most modern concrete based builds as being brutalist.

Le Corbusier was indeed a major player in the Brutalist movement with other buildings eventually taking inspiration from his Unité d’Habitation de Marseille, but he also partook in the International style. Tadao Ando also took inspiration from Louis Kahn, who, while also having many concrete based buildings that were influenced by thw brutalist movement, did not necessarily design them in the brutalist style.


Le Corbusier all the way.