BOSTON | 2 Charlesgate West | FT | FLOORS

The owner of 2 Charlesgate West, an office building in the Fenway, filed a letter of intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority to demolish the existing building and rebuild it as a mixed-use structure. Currently used as headquarters for Trans National Properties, Charlesgate West Limited Partnership and Charlesgate Condo LLC, the new building will have offices for tthose companies, 10,000 square feet of retail space and 325 residences in a mix of rental and ownership.

The new building will be 340 feet tall and have 395,000 square feet of gross floor area. There will be 200 parking spots, even though the Fenway is one of the least car-dependent neighborhoods in Boston. Pedestrian routes and open space will also be improved. The building is well served by transit, being a short walk from Kenmore Square Station and the buses on Massachusetts Avenue. The neighborhood is also very walkable, with two grocery stores nearby and multiple restaurants, as well as other shopping opportunities nearby.

According to the letter of intent, the developer wants to build an “architecturally distinctive” building to improve the neighborhood. They will also fund neighborhood art instalations.

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