BOSTON | 206 West Broadway | 42.5 FT | 4 Floors

A four story, mixed-use building with no on-site parking is planned for 206 West Broadway in South Boston, according to filings made with the Boston Redevelopment Authority yesterday. The developers, the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation and Catholic charity Caritas Communities, want to combine two City-owned parcels and build 16 apartments.

The residences will be a mixture of one-bedroom units and studios and all of them will be affordable. Two will be for people making less than 30 percent of the area median income, eight will be for those below 60 percent AMI and six for people under 80 percent. One apartment will be on the ground floor to be ADA accessible.

In total, the building will have about 13,000 square feet. The ground floor retail space will have around 1,000 square feet of space and be designed for a cafe. Accortding to the filing, the total development cost is less than $5 million, but discussions started in 2014.

The South Boston NDC will ask residents to pledge not to have a car and provide discounted MBTA passes. Bicycle storage will also be provided. They state in the filing that “We have presented these plans to the community and received support, despite offering no parking on the site.”
The building site is just a six minute walk from the Broadway Station on the Red Line, is on the route of the Nine bus and close to the route of the 11.

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