BOSTON | 301-323 Border Street | 6 Floors | FT

East Boston’s Border Street is fairly typical of Boston’s commercial streets: two lanes, with parking on either side and lined by one story commercial and industrial buildings and triple-decker houses. On one of the lots occupied by commercial and industrial buildings, at 301-323 Border St, developers Steve Whalen and Fred Starikov of City Realty Management Corporation have proposed a six-story, 64 apartment building with 1,200 square feet of ground floor commercial space, according to a letter of intent filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Border Street, East Boston. The lot in question is on the left.

The apartments will be a mix, with one studio, 17 one-bedroom units, 37 two-beds and nine three beds. According to the LOI, half of the residences will have decks, while there will be a common roofdeck for the rest. Other amenities will include a gym and a gallery.

The site is within the Central Square neighborhood, so there are restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance. The LOI says that it’s walking distance to Maverick Square and its amenities and Blue Line station, but there’s also bus service one block over on Meridian Street.

The total size of the site is 17,817 square feet and will be revewied under the Article 80 Large Project Review process. The developers have planned 35 parking spaces on a ground level garage, along with space for 70 bicycles