BOSTON | 270 Baker Street | Floors | Height

Keystone Development filed a letter of intent with the Boston Redevelopment Authority today proposing the construction of 56 condominimums on their 124,720 square foot property at 270 Baker Street in West Roxbury. The residences will be in a mix of townhouses and multifamily structures. The developers would also build 118 parking spaces for the residents and 64 for an existing commercial structure.

Several pre-file meetings were held with neighborhood groups. At one point, according to The West Roxbury Transcript, the proposal was for 138 units and 180 parking spots. While some residents professed not to care about the ongoing housing crisis, most of the objections were concerned with the new cars contributing to an already dangerous traffic situation with the Catholic Memorial School.

The existing structure is a three-story, 30,000 square foot office building. In the plans presented in January, it would have been torn down. Now it will remain. Those same plans also called for multifamily buildings near the rail line and townhouses closer to existing residences.

The neighborhood is somewhat walkable. A grocery store and various shops and restaurants are within walking distance, but the roads are fast, wide and have long cycles between walk signals (or no walk signals at all). The area also has poor transit access, with only two infrequent bus lines, but that’s not ususual for West Roxbury.

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