BIRMINGHAM | 103 Colmore Row | 106M | 348FT | 26 FLOORS

Height - 106m / 348ft

Space - 221,000 Sqft / 20,532 Sqm

Use - Commercial (206,000Sqft Office and 15,000Sqft of Leisure)

Developer - RockSpring and Sterling Property Ventures Ltd

Architects - Doone Silver Architects

Website -

Expected Completion - 2018

103 Colmore Row will be the tallest office building to ever be constructed in Birmingham, and will be the 3rd tallest purely commercial build outside of London upon completion. The tower is to replace a 78m tall block known as the ‘National Westminster House’ or ‘Natwest Tower’, which is currently being demolished.

The new tower will ‘float’ above a quintuple height ground floor from the Colmore Row side which compliments the flow of the historic roof line down the street. The majority of the tower will be clad in glass, whilst elegant metal fins ascend the façade, enhancing its soar. The tower sets back, not only on it’s way up, but at street level, which helps to break the massive bulk up. There will be a rooftop bar and restaurant on the top floor with an external area for paying customers to set foot upon. From here in the day a dark grid mesh will give the middle block a defined crown, contrasting against the glossy glass, where at night the top will be lit enhancing the cities vertical life.

Render from Victoria Square at night:

Skyline view of Birmingham at night, with 103 Colmore Row raising the bulk of the skyline to new heights:

The current building which is in the process of demolition:

The view from Cathedral Square:

The site originally had plans for a taller building, due to the recession this never came to fruition, below are diagrams comparing the original proposal (outlined in red), the current building on site (outlined in green) and the proposal which is to be built:

Massing diagrams:

Inner city skyline shot facing north:

The view down Newhall Street from a distance:

View from Newhall Street again, this time much closer:

View from Cathedral Square from a different perspective:

From an entrance through to Cathedral Square:

Daytime skyline view (103 Colmore Row being towards the right):

Close up view Down Colmore Row towards Victoria Square:

Colmore Row from further aback:

Again at night:

View down Colmore Row from a different perspective:

Victoria Square in the day:


Photos taken by me of the demolition of Natwest Tower to make way for the taller, modern, more graceful build:

55 Colmore Row also making an impact from this shot:

The cranes lining Colmore Row:


3rd tallest outside Lomdon?? Manchester City will have a lot of new taller ones I’m sure. Nice building and a nice addition for Birmingham.


3rd tallest office build outside of London :slight_smile: The other two are in Manchester.

It will be the 3rd tallest building in the city upon completion… well unless a certain other project gets under way fast :wink:

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