LONDON | 100 Bishopsgate | 172M | 564FT | 38 FLOORS

Height - 172m / 564ft

Use - Commercial Office

Space - 944,800 Sqft / 87,775 Sqm

Developer - Brookfield

Architects - Allies and Morrison Woods Bagot

Website -

Expected Completion - 2018

100 Bishopsgate… Details coming soon…

##The Site

##Exterior Renders

A view of the future skyline from the east (although missing a few of the newer towers and designs such as The Pinnacle). One Blackfriars also makes an appearance towards the top left:

The grand canyon walls of Londons streetscape are growing ever denser as it mirrors The Salesforce tower on the corner:

The scale of the tower is enhanced with the combination of the tapered sides, the wide angle shot along with the contrast with the historic church next door forming a beautiful juxtaposition as the angled edges and sharp leading lines reflect the golden sunset:

From further afar compared with an earlier posted render. Here you can see the full impact to which 100 Bishopsgate will have on The City, the bulk adds a sense of scale and strength it has on the cityscape despite it being one of the shorter towers, whilst the angles towards the base give it an identified flare and presence:

A zoomed in shot of the midway point of the tower where the tapered joints in the steel beams and creases in the glass join to form a crisp transition to the upper half of the structure:

##Interior Renders

The foyer carrying on the overall classy and clean look transitioning from the exterior to the interior. The core shafts are clad in pearl white marble with the signature address of ‘100’ engraved into the stone. The marble itself is positioned in such a way that the naturally formed lines angle to match the exterior pattern:

Interior view looking west out onto St Pauls Cathedral:

The view facing east looking over towards the skyline of Canary Wharf as the glistening 30 St Mary’s Axe (The Gherkin) forms into view:

##Public Realm and Plaza

The north of 100 Bishopsgate consisting of both the low and highrise elements of the development. This is a fantastic perspective of the angles in the structure playing a part with the curvature of the street beneath:

The view down Bishopsgate itself displaying the view into the foyer as the structural columns protrude upwards through the base of the tower. As they wrap around towards the right they begin to line one of the new thoroughfares created with this build:

Well it wouldn’t be London without a bit of rain eh? I guess Brookfield can be honest from time to time with their renderings:


In this video, you can see a CGI video displaying and explaining the construction process of which this building will undertake:

#Construction Photo Update

Photo taken by me of the current progress.


Great update, Stig!


Great photo

From early April


Really nice!!!

Taking by my girlfriend from our trip to London on Friday:



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