AUSTIN | Waterline (98 Red River) | 1,024 FT | FLOORS

Per The ATX:

The rebar for the first caisson is at the edge of the site.


why do you only post info about the super tall? and other projects ???


I can not read this. This is not english…

I said, what do you mean?

you only post about projects in New York (supertalls)and nothing more.

something like that is too uninteresting for you.

is not over 1000 feet tall

Well no I don’t. I post about a variety of topics.
But yes something like that is not that interesting to me.

chicago, austin, dallas such cities are uninteresting

No, that specific project you linked to is uninteresting.

293 ft, 27 fl in a city as big as Chicago is uninteresting to me.
The Tribune Tower East proposal is interesting to me.
Chicago’s version of Crossrail is interesting to me. The Chicago Casino project is interesting to me.

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and Austin? Dallas?

Dude I’m not about to run down a list of projects for each city. If they have something I find interesting then I’ll talk about. For example, the building whose thread we’re on right now is an interesting project

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Is yes a supertall …yeah

You do realize that Yimby is not just about NYC right?

Is this a sock puppet?


Only only NYC more not, not Austin, to Chicago, not…

bruh wut

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You say YIMBY is about NYC…yet you posted several forums on projects out of the country. Yimby IS not just about NYC, only New York YIMBY is


I see very very little interest in other cities.


Then why you created threads then from other countries if your uninterested?

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