30 Pine Street (Demolished)

This is the second mystery skyscraper of the past I have made a topic about and hopefully the last as, unlike 100 Water Street, I desperately need this for the Minecraft Manhattan Project to go forth. I have been searching for a long time but I still cannot find decent photos of the building’s facade or base. (Namely due to 40 Wall Street getting in the way)


The building at 30 Pine Street was built in 1930-31 for Goldman Sachs to the design of architect A. F. Gilbert. It was art deco, 21 stories, and was built to resemble 20 Pine Street next door. Goldman moved out in 1957, and once the new Chase Building was completed in 1961, it was demolished with others on the block for the southern Chase Plaza which opened in 1964.

I have seen some photos showing the top portion and many showing the sides: as said above I cannot find any of the front facade up close or the base.

Photos for clarification:

Lower right (it has setbacks similar to 20 Pine but is definitely a different building)

Here again in 1959: in front of 20 Pine Street

1938 Aerial: highlighted for clarity (part of facade shown)

If anyone could assist me on this crucial discovery / strange disturbance, I would greatly appreciate it.