Stadium developments

Good to see the stadium coming together. Love how close it is to Sofi

Jaguars’ vision for the future of their stadium. This is renovations to their existing stadium.


Looks good. I love futuristic stadiums. Frankly imo, there’s nothing more boring than a classical football stadium

Seeing how all the new stadiums are turning out, feels like NY/NJ missed out on a lot of potential with MetLife.

These stadium’s exteriors are cool and very unique and then you see MetLife stadium and it’s very bland. It is not even that old as it’s only been about ten years. All these stadiums will more than likely hold multiple superbowls in their lifetime while MetLife is unlikely to get one anytime soon.

Even looking at NY’s other stadiums like Yankee stadium, Citi Field, Barclays, and UBS Arena imo, puts MetLife to shame in presence alone. MetLife just seems to be a mid stadium and that’s shocking since it’s located in the most valuable sports market. Hopefully NY’s next stadium is something innovative and is grand to the point it will hold multiple superbowls.


I’d love to see something on the level of Sofi or Allegiant stadiums, preferably near Citifield.

New York City needs an iconic football stadium and it just doesn’t have it


"The marquee event is likely a race between MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, home of the New York Jets and Giants, and AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. "