Shane Keena's Concepts

I am not infringing on the copyrights of one Thomas Koloski so you don’t need to worry about that! I just got on to these forums over the past couple weeks and I love this whole setup, it’s a blast, the in-house capabilities here! It is my dream to become a Real Estate developer, and I have came up with some decent renderings in the past, but I want to share my vision with you guys!!

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Shane Keena Concept 1:

Shane Keena Concept 2:

Shane Keena Concept 3:


Shane Keena Concept 4:

Shane Keena Concept 5:

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Shane Keena Concept 6

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Shane Keena Concept 7:

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Shane Keena Concept 8:

Credit for the original model goes to Brady Cloud.

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I’m pretty sure the 9DeKalb Ave model you used is mine, I’ve since updated that model but please credit me


Don’t take this the wrong way but how is it a concept/vision if you are reimagining the massing of the existing design to fill a larger site? I guess my question is, are you attempting originality or are you tweaking designs?


Sure thing!

I didn’t take this as an insult so you’re good! I tweaked the design to fill the Junior’s site once they get out. It may not be soon, they could stay there another 10 years or 50 years, but at least attempting a vision for a second, smaller tower would help the city and developers prepare for an eventual move-out.

You’re all good man. But one things for sure if you could state me by my user name on here. I know my name is on articles, but on online forums I would prefer to not have my name stated out to the public


Will try to avoid that in the future!

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Shane Keena Concept 9:

Shane Keena Concept 10:

Shane Keena Concept 11:

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Here’s an article I wrote about the general direction of development in Manhattan. Something different!