SAN FRANCISCO | 598 Bryant Street | 342 FT | 31 FL

Plans for a 31-story mixed-use tower have been shared by a relatively new developer for 598 Bryant Street. This could bring 380 units to a corner lot near Caltrain and 555 Bryant Street. Interesting design by BDE Architecture


I’m a little surprised that everyone wants to build in this area. Maybe it’s easier to get permits around there.

Why? It’s right next to a Muni tram stop and only a few blocks away from the Caltrain terminus. A perfect place for construction of high-density residential.

I used to live around there. It’s kind of a hike to the financial district etc.

The recently opened Central Subway station has really spurred interest in the area. What used to be a hike to Market Street is now about a two minute hop on Muni, and only a couple more minutes to Chinatown.

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I agree, when you think about that area as it has been/is currently. But you have to think about how it will be five-ten years from now when this project and multiple other residential and office developments nearby are complete and full of residents, workers, etc. Having moved to South Beach 17 years ago and watched it mature, and then watched Mission Bay go from a scary district of parking lots to a vibrant residential neighborhood, I predict (and fervently hope!) this area will do the same thing.

I’d also expect that those sites right along the freeway that have historically been one-and two story industrial uses were cheap as dirt (pun intended) up until the entire area was up zoned. So you may have some owners sitting on very cheap land which would help developments pencil out.