SAN FRANCISCO | 200 Mission Street Campus | 992 FT | 89 FLOORS

200 Mission Street Campus is a multi-structure redevelopment planned in the wake of PG&E leaving the city. The development opens up the ground level with a porous connection of plazas, courtyards, and lobbies. We first broke the story with renderings revealed for the reskinning of 77 Beale Street. Next, Hines published plans for the new residential high-rise at 50 Main Street, to be designed by Foster & Partners.

50 Main Street could become the third or fourth tallest skyscraper in the city, depending on the future of the Oceanwide Center project. Oceanwide was also designed by Foster & Partners.

Also, Hines is developing the 800~ft tower on Transbay Parcel F. That firm sure has a vision for this city’s skyline and I don’t hate it.

If anyone here is good with making renderings and wants to do a mock-up of 50 Main Street, I’d love to see it !!!


Not a render but just a hypothetical outline of 50 Main. Either way, the project will have a huge imprint on the skyline.


Oh wow, it’ll really stand out from the pack. I know that city staff recommended that the developers shorten the project, but I hope it doesn’t happen at the expense of more units. Staff are still clear-eyed that they can’t change much, just suggest, since the added height is partially afforded by a state density bonus waiver.

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Turns out 50 Main Street is gonna be a super tall! Can mods edit the title?

New stats:
1,066 FT | 85 FLOORS


is this allowed? I though SF was pretty strict about planning and a supertall out of the blue seems like it won’t fly.


There’s a lot of obnoxious NIMBYism in SF, but this is maybe the least objectionable site in the city – it’s nowhere near a park or any of the single-family-home neighborhoods that generally kick up a fuss. I could see it being modified, but if there’s going to be another supertall in SF, this is the spot for it.


It’s happened before with the Salesforce Tower! The planning commission has reservations about the idea of such a tall skyscraper, but the State Density Bonus program allows developers to apply for waivers for things like unit county and height limits, as long as the project includes a certain level of affordable housing.

The thing I’m most excited about tbh is a close-up rendering. Foster’s comments make me wonder if it’ll use mass timber. Now that’s entirely speculation at this point, but here’s gonna be some zany integration of nature into the facade, that’s for sure.

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I hate to be the pessimist, but Salesforce was proposed as the icon of the Transbay Masterplan and even it took a 190’ height cut before all was said and done.


Agreed. It’s right next to a BART station, the block is already high-rise, yet the tower is only gonna require the demolition of a short garage.

Fair. It’d be unfortunate if it happened with 50 Main. That said, even with a 190-foot reduction it’d be taller than the Transamerica Pyramid. And I think the redevelopment of such a high-profile block in the city, including the 1.25 acres of public space at the base, will make it a compelling proposal.


Dolores Park view from The Business Journal’s article today:


It sure is a beautiful one!


pretty lame for such a tall building.

edit: reminds me of 551 w 21st, which is also by Foster.

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I used to intern at an art gallery with a view of 555 w 22nd. I didn’t know it was designed by Foster, though I did think that, for such an under-spoken building, it has a strikingly well-designed facade.

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Hines wants to build the second-tallest building in S.F. Will the city approve it?

Sarah Klearman from SFBT asks the question I think we all are wondering right now. Speaking with Senior Managing Director for Hines, Paul Paradis:

“Back when we were working with the city on Salesforce Tower, there was a lot of thought put into sculpting of the skyline, and how the skyline would vary across the city." … “50 Main sits very well within that skyline sculpting project.”

Of course, it’s worth remembering that this is a question without an answer. Though not as satisfying, we won’t know for sure until the final approval.


New illustrations have been revealed for Atlas Block, as well as an estimated price tag for reskinning 77 Beale.


Meant to add these to the last post!


Aaaaaand in typical SF fashion this will not happen. They say it is too tall because it does not fit with the skyline.

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Doesn’t California have new rules on this type of stuff? If it yields an objectively worse development, less housing, outdoor space, etc (as per whitty) for no other reason than it ruins their vision for a skyline, can’t the state override the city’s ruling?